The William L. Reese II, Ph.D. Emeritus Center

Fall 2017 Program

All events are free and open to everyone. They take place on Monday from 1:30 to 4 pm at the University at Albany Emeritus Center located in room 134, University Administration Building, 1215 Western Avenue, Albany, NY.

Fall 2017 Program


  • September 11
    Paul Grondahl, Director, NYS Writers Institute and Times Union Columnist. Behind the Scenes: 33 Years of Local Newspaper Reporting

Art for Art's Sake 

Our area is so very rich in the arts:  we have our own orchestras, ballets, plays, photographers, performing artists, etc. But how is all that art financed?  Certainly not through payment at the door or monetary contributions from the audience alone. Most people are unaware that so many, and maybe most, of the artists do not get paid with money but merely with the satisfaction of being able to perform for the love of the art and of sharing what they have to offer.  But they have to live also, and must do so by other means. So we will explore just what these artists' lives must be like in the next four programs:

  • September 25: The Actors
    Barbara Richards Maggio, Gary Maggio, and Eileen Schuyler: three different actors with different backgrounds and different approaches to the theatre.


  • October 9: Music and Dance
    Alexandra Lindsay, Principal Dancer, Master Teacher and Choreographer with the Northeast Ballet Company, and Irene DeGraff, Violinist with the Music Company Orchestra and working with the Musicians of Maalwyck.
  • October 23
    Ken Jacobie, Photographer. From Message Therapist to all around artist.   Ken will also give a slide show of his photography.


  • November 6
    Bertrand Fay
    .  The life of the imagination and performing art, closing with a presentation of The Trampled Vintage, Letters from the Civil War.
  • November 20
    Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, Director of Community Relations, University at Albany. The Importance of Community Relations at an Urban University.


  • December 4
    Amy Kolawski and Inv. Praisner, Albany County Sheriff’s Office. Law Enforcement in Today’s Society.
  • December 18
    Richard Welty, Local Business Owner and Lecturer in the School of Computing Sciences, University at Albany. Capital District Highway Weirdness.