EAPS PhD candidate Li Zhang was awarded Dissertation Research Fellowship Award 2014-2015 by the Vice Provost and Dean for Graduate Education. This award will be used to support her dissertation research activity in China in Spring 2015. Her dissertation is on the strategies international branch campuses use to gain acceptance and support from different stakeholders in China. This research aims to understand forms of legitimacy in a non-Western context.

    Valverde delivers keynote inaugural address at national policy forum in Uruguay.

    July 28th. At the invitation of the Ministry of Education and with the sponsorship of the United States Embassy in Uruguay, Dr. Gilbert Valverde, EAPS associate professor and IGEPS senior researcher, delivered the keynote opening address at a policy forum organized by the Uruguayan government and the United Nations Development Programme. Dr. Valverde’s address, entitled “Challenges in Curriculum and Evaluation Policy: Contributions to the Policy Debate in Uruguay”, opened a three-day forum launching a major new initiative in curriculum reform for primary and secondary schools in Uruguay.

    Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane Post new Worldwise Blog

    EAPS Chair Kevin Kinser and Associate Professor Jason Lane write about the impact on local cultures of importing foreign higher education in their latest Chronicle of Higher Education Worldwise blog. In the post, “Can Overseas Branch Campuses Reflect Local Values?” they discuss the impact of international education activities in Africa over the last 50 years, and how education must connect to homegrown demands to be successful. Click here to read the blog, and also to see previous Worldwise posts.

    Professor Valverde Delivers Public Lecture in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    EAPS professor and IGEPS Senior Researcher, Gilbert Valverde, delivered a public lecture at the invitation of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Entitled “Latin America’s Open Agenda in Teacher Evaluation” – Dr. Valverde addressed the growing interest in teacher evaluation in the Latin America, coming from such politically diverse countries as Ecuador, Mexico and Chile, and addressed the technical and policy challenges such evaluations pose for countries such as Argentina, and the Province of Buenos Aires, which have nascent efforts in this area.


    Leventhal to Serve as Senior Advisor for AIEA New Mentorship Program 

    Professor Mitch Leventhal has accepted an invitation from the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), and has agreed to participate in their new mentorship program as a “Senior Advisor”.  For the next year, Dr. Leventhal will lead focused discussions among SIOs (and equivalents) from four institutions:  Kansas State University, Dominican University, Stetson University Law School, and LCI Language Centers (an accredited for-profit). These discussions are already proving very interesting in honing in on issues of interest for a potential senior leadership program.


    Kevin Kinser on the Australian program Rear Vision

    EAPS Chair Dr. Kevin Kinser was featured in a radio program on the market for higher education in Australia. He talked about for-profit higher education and the lessons that Australia should take from recent experience in the United States. Listen to the broadcast and read the transcript here.


     Meyer Receives NEH Award

    Albany, NY (May 28, 2014) - Dr. Heinz-Dieter Meyer, associate professor of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, received a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) award to support two months of uninterrupted writing in completion of his book "The Institutional Design of the University: German, American, Global."


    State Governments Leverage Higher Education in International Engagement

    Jason Lane and colleagues Taya Owens and Patrick Ziegler co-authored a Rockefeller Institute of Government report analyzing the emerging role that states play in promoting the internationalization of higher education institutions. Through these efforts, the researchers suggest, colleges and universities engaged in international activity strengthen economic development and public diplomacy. Research assistants include EAPS doctoral students Kelly Hermann, Jill Lansing, Dante Salto, Ruirui Sun, and Gloria Zambrano. The report can be accessed here.


    Innovative Financing for Global Education Taya Louise Owens, EAPS PhD student, co-authored a Open Society Foundations Working Paper series report on innovative financing in education, a comprehensive yet practical analysis of the current state of innovative financing in global education.  This report was developed with Robert Filipp, Leonard Lerer, and Diego Filmus at the CEU Summer School 2012.


    EAPS PhD student and OAS fellowship holder Dante J. Salto has won competitive admission and a full scholarship for the 2014 Central European University - Summer University program on Innovative Financing for Education.This summer school brings world-class scholars, advanced graduate students and development professionals in education financing together with state-of-the-art instruments for a five-day course. In previous years, EAPS PhD students, Lina Uribe, Ruirui Sun, Taya L. Owens have also been selected to participate in CEU’s Summer program. More information is available at http://www.summer.ceu.hu/innovfinancing-2014


     EAPS doctoral student Odilbek Kattaev attended the 1st Annual Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics at Indiana University in May. He presented a poster on "Low-Level Learners and Study Abroad: A Case Study," based on his work in Arizona State University's 'hybrid' summer Uzbek program, which combines intensive coursework in the U.S. and in Uzbekistan. For more information about conference click here . For information about the Arizona State University program, click here

      Alan France, first deputy Rector at Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan visited EAPS from April 30 to May 2 to meet C-BERT and EAPS faculty and students to discuss the challenges facing international education management. He also gave a presentation on the role of partnerships in transitional environments. More information about WUIT can be found at www.westminster.uz

    Elizabeth vonWurmb, EAPS PhD 2013 graduate, presented a paper at The Global Learning Alliance 2014 Conference, which took place at Teachers College Columbia University in NYC April 8-10. The paper, “Assessing Musical Capacities: 21st Century Skill Acquisition Through the Learning of Instrumental Music in the K-12 Setting,” extends dissertation work done at UA with Dr. Alan P. Wagner. Dr. vonWurmb is the K-12 Fine Arts Coordinator in the Clarkstown Central School System.


    Ben Wildavsky on CNN.com

    EAPS Policy Professor Ben Wildavsky writes about the need for a standard measure of student learning in an article on CNN.com. To read the full article, please click here.




    EAPS PhD student Michelle Feder and EAPS professor Dr Hal Lawson have each received The 2014 President's Award for Exemplary Community Engagement. Michelle also received the President's Award for Leadership. Join us in congratulating Michelle and Hal for gaining these prestigious honors!






    Dr. Aaron Benavot has been appointed as the new director of the Education for All Global Monitoring report. He will be taking a one-year leave of absence from the University to take up the position at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. For more information, click here.




    Heinz-Dieter Meyer, Associate Professor of EAPS, received a National Endowment for the Humanities award to support two months of uninterrupted writing in completion of his book "The Institutional Design of the University: German, American, Global." The competitive award carries a stipend of 6000 dollars to be used by the recipient towards defraying research and writing related costs. Meyer's book, which he expects to finish by January 2015, is under contract with Routledge.



    Gilbert Valverde and Renzo Roncagliolo Evaluating United States Education Development Assistance to the Dominican Republic

    EAPS Associate Professor and Director of the Educational Evaluation Research Consortium, Gilbert Valverde, and EAPS doctoral alumnus Renzo Roncagliolo are working at the Pontifical Catholic University Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, on the monitoring and evaluation of a $16.7 million dollar project to strengthen primary school outcomes in Mathematics and Literacy. Responding to the findings of a prior $2 million dollar grant to Professor Valverde, which conducted a nationally representative longitudinal study of primary school learning in Mathematics and Reading in the Dominican Republic (the first of its kind ever conducted in Latin America), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) initiated the Effective Schools Program in partnership with the PUCMM. Dr. Valverde, assisted by Dr. Roncagliolo, directs the monitoring and evaluation of this multi-million dollar investment by the American people. (In the photo: Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of the PUCMM, Professor Sarah González de Lora; Dr Valverde and Dr. Roncagliolo).



    Kevin Kinser Quoted in The New Republic

    EAPS Associate Professor and Chair Dr. Kevin Kinser was quoted in the New Republic article “Obama Is Cracking Down on For-Profit Colleges—And Liberals Should Applaud Him for It”. To read the full article, please click here.


    Dante J. Salto, EAPS PhD student, publishes in a special issue on higher education governance

    Governance through the market and the state: Postgraduate education in Argentina" appears in the special issue of Bordon: Journal of Education edited by Hugo Casanova Cardiel and Roberto Rodriguez Gomez. The special issue brings together some of the best- known Latin Americanists in the study of higher education. The article addresses the growing role of both market and state coordination in university governance at the graduate level in Argentina, Dante's dissertation topic. To view the full article, please click here.


    EAPS welcomes our newest faculty member: Dr Mitch Leventhal joins us as a Professor of Professional Practice and Entrepreneurship from his former position as SUNY Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs. Leventhal has had extensive experience in the private sector and is an international leader in the area of global higher education management. His interests include global strategy, risk management, private equity flows, entrepreneurship, and cross-border mobility in higher education.

    Sanford H. Levine Fellowship 2012-13 and 2013-14 Recipients: Jill Crombie-Borgos (2012-13), Mrs. Sanford H. Levine, Leigh Yannuzzi (2013-14) & Jason Toole via Skype, stationed in Alaska (2012-13)

    Sanford H. Levine served a distinguished career in Higher Education Law and Policy, as counsel to the State University of New York and as professor in the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies. In 2011, the Levine family, former colleagues and friends established a Fellowship in the name of Sanford H. Levine. The Fellowship recognizes doctoral students who have demonstrated evidence and show promise of leadership, service and commitment to higher education and policy. Those named Fellows receive support for conduct and completion of the doctoral project and or engagement in a professional development activity.


    Dr. Gilbert A. Valverde, faculty member in EAPS and senior researcher with the Department’s Institute for Global Education Policy Studies (IGEPS), delivers his Presidential Address at the 58th Annual Meeting of Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in Toronto, Canada on March 12, 2014. His address will also be published in the Comparative Education Review later this year. Dr. Valverde was elected President of the CIES, the oldest and largest scholarly society in the field, for the year 2013-14. In his address, entitled Educational Quality: Global Politics, Comparative Inquiry, and Opportunities to Learn, Dr. Valverde explores the global and domestic agents, regimes and structures that promote and embody policy concerned with educational quality and considers the challenges for scholarship and practice that these pose for Comparative and International Education. Click here to see the Presidential Address powerpoint


    EAPS congratulates Professor Dr. Hal A. Lawson for receiving the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Review of Research Award for his article “New Conceptual Frameworks for Student Engagement Research, Policy, and Practice.” This award will be presented at the Awards Luncheon at the 2014 AERA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

    EAPS congratulates Distinguished Professor Dr. Daniel C. Levy for receiving the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Higher Education SIG award for Lifetime Contribution to the field. The award will be presented at the CIES conference in Toronto, Canada, on 12 March 2014.


    EAPS PhD student Leigh Yannuzzi has been accepted to participate in the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division K Graduate Student Seminar scheduled in conjunction with the Annual AERA Conference April 2nd and 3rd.

    EAPS Doctoral Student Christine Farrugia Won the Harold Josephson Award

    EAPS doctoral student Christine Farrugia has been named the 2014 recipient of the Harold Josephson Award for her outstanding graduate work in international education by The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA). The award will be presented at the 2014 AIEA Conference in Washington DC on February 18. More about the award can be found here.


    Daniel Levy Quoted in The New York Times

    EAPS Distinguished Professor Dr. Daniel C. Levy was quoted in The New York Times article “A Testing Time for Private Schools in Eastern Europe”. To read the full article, please click here.


    Kevin Kinser Quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education

    EAPS Associate Professor and Chair Dr. Kevin Kinser was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education article “For-Profit Colleges’ Winter Meeting Focuses on Employment”. To read the full article, please click here.


    EAPS Doctoral Student Dante J. Salto Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

    After a highly competitive selection process, the Organization of American States (OAS) has awarded a doctoral scholarship to Dante J. Salto.

    “The OAS academic scholarship program is intended to support the completion of advanced university degrees and foster intercultural exchange for an equitable number of outstanding candidates from each OAS Member State each year.”

    The program selects only two applicants per country within the Americas inclusive of all areas of study and is aimed at the overall development of one’s country. Final selection took place at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC.

    More info can be found here. 

    Kevin Kinser Quoted in Jerusalem Post Newspaper

    EAPS Associate Professor and Chair Dr. Kevin Kinser was quoted in the Jerusalem Post article After Brandeis and Syracuse, a US school decides to stay with Al-Quds. To read the full article, please click here.



    Kay Hinds-Skeete Appointed Senior Programme Officer in the Board of Undergraduate Studies, University of the West Indies

    Our EAPS current Ph.D candidate Kay Hinds-Skeete (Thompson by marriage), has just been appointed Senior Programme Officer, Quality Assurance, in the Board of Undergraduate Studies, University of the West Indies, with responsibility for Cave Hill Campus. Kay is ABD, EAPS, Higher Education specialization, and has until now been Acting Senior Tutor (Head), Division of Commerce at the Barbados Community College.


    Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane published a chapter in the new book The Development of Higher Education in Africa: Prospects and Challenges.

    This volume addresses the fact that the global education revolution of the 20th century resulted in massive developments in education worldwide, but the higher education sector throughout Africa remains surprisingly underdeveloped. This book addresses the perceived and real gap in research productivity and scholarly reputation between African higher education and higher education systems in other parts of the world with rigorous in-depth analysis and discussion. Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane contributed a chapter titled Cross-Border Higher Education in Africa: Collaboration and Competition. To view the table of contents, please click here.


    Prof. Liu Baocun and Dr. Teng Jun from Beijing Normal University paid a visit to our department on Oct. 7. Prof. Liu Baocun gave an informal talk on comparative and international education development in China.



    Dr. Silvina Gvirtz, our EAPS visiting professor, was featured in an interview in the Huffington Post. Click here to read the interview. Dr. Silvina Gvirtz is General Executive Director of the Conectar Igualdad, a program that distributes notebook computers to all secondary school students in Argentina. She also serves as Professor at the Universidad de San Martín, Visiting Professor in the School of Education at UAlbany-SUNY and researcher in the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) in Argentina. Between December 2011 and August 2012, she was the Minister of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires.


    Aaron Benavot, EAPS Professor of Global Education Policy, was invited to give two presentations at the International Experts' Meeting held at UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education in Geneva, Switzerland on 23-25 September 2013. The 27 leading policy-makers, educators, curriculum specialists and researchers attending the meeting discussed a range of key curricular issues, research priorities and development trends in different regions in the world.

    Jason Lane Featured on National Higher Education Radio Show

    Dr. Jason Lane, deputy director for research, was featured on a national public broadcasting radio program, The Best of Our Knowledge, speaking about Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers, a book he co-edited with former SUNY Chancellor D. Bruce Johnstone. Lane and Johnstone's book is one of the fastest selling ever in the history of SUNY Press.

    This interview, and others being done by Dr. Lane, is part of an overall Rockefeller Institute campaign to illuminate the importance of the connection between higher education and economic development.

    To listen to the interview, go to http://wamc.org/post/best-our-knowledge-1199.


    Kevin Kinser, EAPS Professor and Chair of the Department discusses the MOOC phenomenon and its implications for the future of higher education.



    This weekend on New York NOW Dr. Jason Lane, the Deputy Director of Research at the Rockefeller Institute of Government was featured. He is the co-editor of the book 'Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers,' a publication that measures the role of higher education in their surrounding communities.

    Click here to view a preview of the interview.



    Professors Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane write about India’s new regulations for international branch campuses in their latest Chronicle of Higher Education blog.



    Drs Dan Levy and Kevin Kinser, as well as EAPS graduate Prachayani Praphamontripong, contributed to a new volume on the financing of higher education

    Just published by Routledge Press, the book, edited by Donald Heller and Claire Callender, documents the changes in higher education financing around the world as governments increasingly require students and their families to pay for education, in addition to the emergence of a substantial private sector within the higher education systems of many countries.


    Prof. Gilbert Valverde hosts delegation of Evaluation and Standards Policymakers from Uruguay.

    At the invitation of the US Embassy in Uruguay and the US Department of State, Professor Gilbert Valverde hosted a delegation of government policy makers in evaluation and standards from the Uruguayan Ministry of Education, the National Administration of Public Education, and the newly created National Institute for Education Evaluation. In Uruguay, weaknesses in the public education system are high profile issues as rising dissatisfaction with the quality of the schools and instruction that children are receiving, particularly in rural schools, has put pressure on the government to improve education across all levels. The delegation came to discuss with Professor Valverde, an expert in both Latin American and international evaluation and standards policies and current President of the Comparative and International Education Society, topics including educational indicators, evidenced-based policymaking, teacher evaluation and educational research policies. Joining in the informal conversation were EAPS colleagues Drs. Alan Wagner, James Butterworth (Executive Director of CASDA, the Capital Area School Development Association) and doctoral candidate Ms. Gloria Zambrano.

    PISA, Power and Policy: the emergence of global educational governance

    Drs. Heinz-Deiter Meyer and Aaron Benavot have co-edited the most recent volume of the Oxford Studies in Comparative Education series. The book scrutinizes the role of PISA in the emerging regime of global educational governance and questions the presumption that the quality of a nation’s school system can be evaluated through a standardized assessment that is insensitive to the world’s vast cultural and institutional diversity. This edited volume includes research by EAPS faculty Meyer, Benavot, Kathryn Schiller and doctoral student, Taya Owens.

    Professor Hal Lawson received the National Cooperative Leadership Award.

    The National School Development Council has bestowed one of its two National Cooperative Leadership Awards on Professor Hal A. Lawson. This award recognizes outstanding, national leadership, including demonstrated success in improving school leadership preparation and practice, facilitating collaboration with educational partners, and investing in research frameworks that benefit educational practice. Professor Lawson was honored at the Capital School Development Association’s annual award dinner, April 16, 2013.

    Prof. Jason Lane and several EAPS doctoral students discussed foreign university partnerships with members of the Duke Kunshan University Preparatory Group in China.

    EAPS and the Cross-Border Education Research Team (C-BERT) hosted members of the team who helped establish Duke’s branch campus in Kunshan China. Bruce Jiang, Gary Zhang, and Patricia Song talked with Professor Jason Lane and EAPS students Ruirui Sun, Li Zhang, and Patrick Ziegler about foreign university partnerships in China as well as the current trends in cross-border education worldwide.

    EAPS doctoral student, Paulina Berrios, has won Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Research Abroad Award.

    This award allowed Berrios to conduct dissertation fieldwork in her native country during the fall 2012. This international award is part of the SYLFF fellowship program that supports graduate students in humanities and social sciences from 69 universities and consortia in 44 countries. “The Sylff program aims to identify and nurture leaders who will overcome differences such as nationality, language, ethnicity, religion, and political systems to tackle global issues, and whose high integrity and drive to address issues unique to their respective countries can make a real difference”. As a result of her research abroad, Berrios now share her experiences in a featured article at the SYLFF program website.

    NAFSA Announces Kevin Kinser as Senior Fellow in Internationalization.

    Kevin Kinser has been named a NAFSA Senior Fellow for Internationalization. NAFSA is the largest professional association dedicated to international education. Kinser will join seven other Fellows to help NAFSA identify and define the key cutting-edge topics the association should be addressing to foster internationalization dialogue.

    Dr. Kathryn Schiller co-authored a recently published NCES Mathematics Curriculum Study.

    Dr. Kathryn Schiller has co-authored a recently published NCES Mathematics Curriculum Study, which explored the relationship between coursetaking and achievement by examining the content and challenge of two mathematics courses taught in the nation’s public high schools—algebra I and geometry. This study analyzed textbook information and usage as a means to explain the apparent disconnect between coursetaking and achievement.

    Dr. Johanna Hakala, a visiting Finnish Fulbright Scholar with EAPS for March and April 2013.

    Dr. Johanna Hakala is a Finnish Fulbright Scholar visiting two U.S. universities in spring 2013: North Carolina State University (Jan-Feb) and SUNY/Albany (March-April). Her Fulbright project concerns strategies for research development and their implementation, recruitment and tenure track policies, and leadership in U.S. public universities.

    Institutions & Societies: a graduate student conference at Rockefeller College

    SEA Change and GAPS are hosting a graduate student conference March 1 at the Rockefeller College campus. Students from 9 social science programs will present current research papers in an interdisciplinary format. The conference is designed to provide constructive criticism for graduate students preparing papers to present at national conferences; foster and encourage interdisciplinary engagements; and, build a broader sense of community among UAlbany graduate students. Register here.