Documentary Studies

University at Albany students may choose to pursue a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. These majors represent a rich variety of interdisciplinary study, blending complementary disciplines to encourage new avenues of academic investigation.  Each interdisciplinary studies degree has a concentration. Among the faculty-initiated Bachelor of Arts concentrations is Documentary Studies.

The concentration in Documentary Studies combines a solid grounding in the academic and theoretical literature of documentary work in a range of disciplines (communication, history, art, journalism, and music) with intensive research and fieldwork in video/film, radio, hypermedia/multimedia, photography, and nonfiction print writing. Students are prepared to more effectively engage in the media-infused global marketplace as citizens, consumers, educators, scholars, and practitioners. The concentration prepares students for employment in fields that require skills in research (including archival, library, and audiovisual research), writing, and editing; the ability to analyze, critique, and produce visual and aural communications, such as for entertainment, education, or advocacy; and a broad understanding of fact-based communication that can be applied in a range of corporate, educational, service, or government settings.

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