Marketing Services

Marketing Services provides the university with web and print communications and designs for the various departments, schools and colleges at the University at Albany.

To ensure consistency and quality in all communications, Marketing Services ensures that identity, design and production guidelines for the university community are met. This area also oversees photography services and collegiate licensing. Marketing Services collaborates with other units within the Office of Communications & Marketing to strategize and implement communications plans for schools and colleges.

Available services

  • Editorial and design services for high-quality communications in print and electronic media
  • Strengthens the University identity by ensuring adherence to UAlbany logos, seals and taglines
  • Regulation of commercial and internal use of the university’s name and identity marks through trademark licensing

Web Services

The Office of Web Services provides the University community with the basic tools and support needed for the development of academic, research and office web sites.

We work directly with individuals and offices to help them develop the skills, processes and resources to maintain web sites that are user-centric, search engine friendly, and which accurately reflect the excellence and brand identity of the University at Albany.

Web Services is comprised of three highly-dedicated individuals who research and advise the University on the changing trends and technologies of digital communications and the best practices for using those communications channels. It also makes use of a number of student workers and interns and sees itself as an important part of those student’s overall education.

The Office for Web Services has developed a robust content management system for the University that allows for efficient use of content and authoritative sourcing of important information. The web team has also developed a series HTML templates for offices not using the content management system which allows those offices to maintain their web site using a variety of readily available tools.

Web Services regularly consults with offices and departments throughout the University regarding:

  • Setting web site goals and objectives
  • Understanding web audiences’ and their needs and expectations
  • Content information architecture
  • Web site visual design
  • Developing effective web content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Available web technologies

Web Services has directly developed a number of top-level sites for the University including the University information pages, University Engagement, the Registrar, Student Financial Services, Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies.

The Office for Web Services has also developed the University’s Mobile web site, and maintains the University’s Events Calendar. Web Services has also developed and maintains the University’s web analytics systems which allow a rich understanding of the University’s web audiences and their expectations for the University web site.