Faculty MemberCorinne Noble

Senior Research Support Specialist

E-mail: cnoble@albany.edu
Telephone: (518) 591-8785

Specialization: Data Collection

Albany County, New York System of Care Evaluation
Evaluation of CPS/DV Collocation
Evaluation of the New York State Family Resource Centers
Family Assessment Response Program
Healthy Families New York Evaluation
Menu Labeling Evaluation Project

Corinne is currently involved in the Healthy Families New York Evaluation coding videotapes of mother-child interactions. She is also conducting focus groups and interviews for the CPS/DV Collocation evaluation. She is currently coordinating the third wave of data collection for the Menu Labeling Evaluation, a study that evaluates the impact of calorie postings and a media campaign in several counties in New York State.

Corinne received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology from the Universidad Argentina J. F. Kennedy- Buenos Aires, Argentina.