Dr. Welsh's Teaching and Mentoring

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JoEllen Welsh, Ph.D.

Teaching and Mentoring at the University at Albany

Graduate Courses

BMS 665 Cancer Biology Journal Club (10-15 students, Fall, 1 credit) – Coordinator. This seminar style class focuses on the molecular and cellular biology of cancer through review of current literature. This is a graduate level course, and basic knowledge of cancer biology (etiology, pathology,terminology, research models, techniques, etc) is assumed. The basic class format is the presentation and discussion of original research papers. Students are responsible for at least one assigned presentation during the semester and are expected to read all assigned papers prior to class each week. Class participation is mandatory.

BMS 622/EHS630 Cancer Biology (15-20 students, Spring, 3 credits) – Coordinator. This lecture course presents an overview of the cancer development process at the cellular and molecular level, including regulatory networks involved in growth control and tissue organization and an introduction to animal, cell and molecular techniques for studying progression, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Undergraduate Mentoring

ABIO 399/499 - Dr Welsh typically mentors 1-2 undergraduates through this directed research course based in the Department of Biological Sciences. Recent undergraduate researchers in Dr Welsh´s lab include Samantha Chu and Paul Gavett.

HVCC Internship Program - Students in the Biotechnology certificate program at Hudson Valley Community College conduct intensive, hands-on internships at the Cancer Research Center. Recent HVCC interns in Dr Welsh´s lab include Alex Bujanow and Eliza Walker.

University at Albany Summer Research Program (UASRP) - A ten week summer program of hands-on research, seminars and workshops. Recent UASRP participants hosted by the Welsh lab include Romae Palmer, Natalia L. Martinez and Manga Omasombo.

Queens University Co-op Program (Kingston, ON, Canada) - Biochemistry co-op students from Queens University conduct 8-months of full time research as part of their program. Recent Queens Co-op students placed in the Welsh lab include Jennifer Wang, Michelle Chan and Jackie Brunton.