University at Albany
Cancer Research Center Seminar Series
Mondays 11:30-12:30 AM Massry Auditorium

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Seminar Schedule for Spring, 2009

Date Seminar Host
February 23

Dr. Alain Laederach, Developmental Genetics and Bioinformatics,
Wadsworth Center: Electrostatics, initial conformational, and topology in determining preferred RNA folding pathways.

Babu Guda
March 16 Dr. Mike Fasullo, Ordway Institute: Activating chemical carcinogens by expressing cytochrome P450 genes in budding yeast: a tool for evaluating P450 polymorphisms.
JoEllen Welsh
March 23 Dr. Ye Ding, Developmental Genetics and Bioinformatics,
Wadsworth Center: Effect of target secondary structure on function of small RNAs.
Babu Guda
March 30 Dr. Richard Zitomer, Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, University at Albany: Transcriptional Responses to Stress in Yeast: A Variety of Repression Mechanisms
Doug Conklin
April 6 Dr. Lauren Endres, Harvard Medical School: Cancer cell fate decisions in response to TNF-a: a novel role for CDIP
Tom Begley
April 20 Dr. Nilesh Banavali, Laboratory of Structural Pathology, Wadsworth Center: Deducing biological mechanisms using molecular dynamics simulation.
Igor Kuznetsov
April 27 Dr. John White, Department of Physiology, McGill University: Signaling events underlying non-classical actions of vitamin D in immunity and cancer.

Martin Tenniswood
May 4 Dr. Andrew Yen, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University: Retinoic Acid/vitamin A Induced Hyperactive RAF Drives Leukemic Cell Differentiation and G0 Arrest.
JoEllen Welsh
May 11 Dr. Charles Giardina, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology,
University of Connecticut: HDACs, HDAC inhibitors and colon cancer cell epigenetics.
JoEllen Welsh