Friday Student Talks

Fridays at 11:00 AM, Masry Conference Center, Cancer Research Center building, East Campus.

Seminar Schedule for 2013

02/08/2013 Xianhui Wang PPARĪ³ maintains ERBB2-positive breast cancer stem cells
02/15/2013 Erika LaPorta
(2:00 PM)
Hyaluronic acid in breast cancer

Jennifer Yates
(2:00 PM)

Anastasiya Yermakova
(2:30 PM)

IgM memory B cells generated during bacterial infection are required for secondary IgG responses to antigen challenge.

Neutralizing antibodies against ricin toxin: Going retro!

03/01/2013 Jason Wong Diet-induced loss of NR1D1 tumor suppressor activity in a novel transgenic model of HER2/neu breast cancer.
03/08/2013 Sarah Beaudin Control of metabolic genes in human mammary epithelial cells by vitamin D hinders adaptation to glutamine deprivation
03/15/2013 No Seminar - No classes  
03/22/2013 No Seminar - No classes  
03/29/2013 Reserved for BMS  
04/05/2013 DV. Prasad Kovvuru Assessment of genotoxitity of silver nanoparticles in vivo
04/12/2013 Georg Kretzschmar/Janina Helle  
04/19/2013 No Seminar - SPH Poster Day  
04/26/2013 Reserved for BMS  
05/03/2013 Amit Shirode Effects of pomegranate extract on DNA repair
05/10/2013 Ann-Christin Gaupel HDAC inhibition as a therapeutic modality for breast and prostate cancer.
05/17/2013 Jan Baumann The lipogenic phenotype of HER2 positive breast cancer cells
05/24/2013 No Seminar - Memorial Weekend  
05/31/2013 Reserved for BMS  
06/07/2013 Kate Simmons Anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin D - role of CD14
06/14/2013 Leila Kokobee BTK and breast cancer
06/21/2013 Winnie Wang Vitamin D and prostate cancer
06/28/2013 Reserved for BMS  
07/05/2013 No Seminar  
07/12/2013 Namita Chatterjee  
07/19/2013 Don Matthews Vitamin D pathway in mouse mammary gland
07/26/2013 Reserved for BMS  
08/09/2013 Judy Narvaez Vitamin D regulation of adipogenesis
08/16/2013 Yan Sun New signaling pathways in breast cancer
08/23/2013 Reserved for BMS  
08/30/2013 No Seminar