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New Freshman Academic Advisement

Step 3: Creating your course request form.

The Course Request Form will prompt you to choose courses that are listed on the first semester of your MAP.

For example, here is the first semester of the Anthropology MAP:

A Ant 108

Arts Gen Ed

Humanities Gen Ed



"A Ant 108" is a required major course that all students choosing this MAP will take.  Any specific course that is listed on the first semester of your MAP is a required major course, and will already be listed on your Course Request Form.

"Arts Gen Ed" and "Humanities Gen Ed" are courses that will satisfy general education requirements.  Students following this MAP will be presented with lists of available courses in each category and are prompted to identify 5 classes of interest from each list, to allow for flexibility in creating an appropriate schedule.

"Elective" means any course offered at the university.  Students following the Anthropology MAP will be presented with appropriate elective choices, and will be prompted to identify 5 classes of interest for each Elective slot.

There is a link to the course descriptions for all available classes, at the top of the Course Request Form.  You should use this link to fully explore your course options before making final decisions.

Click here for an example of a completed Anthropology Course Request Form.