GPA Predictor

Following the instructions in parentheses, you may use this chart to predict your semester and cumulative GPA.  "*" represents multiplication.      
Step One:  Fill in Current Credits and Quality Points
Number of        
A-E credits


      Do not count any transfer credit or courses graded S/U.
Current GPA (from your audit)


Current quality    


      (A-E Credits * Current GPA)
Step Two:  Enter this semester's expectations  
  Fill in number of credits earning each of these grades Expected Grade Value Quality Points  
       A   4   (credits * value)
       A-   3.7 (credits * value)
       B+  3.3 (credits * value)
       B 3 (credits * value)
       B- 2.7 (credits * value)
       C+ 2.3 (credits * value)
       C  2 (credits * value)
       C- 1.7 (credits * value)
       D+  1.3 (credits * value)
       D   1 (credits * value)
       D-  0.7   (credits * value)
       E  0   (credits * value)
Total A-E credits this semester   (add columns)    
    Total quality points this semester
Expected GPA for this semester   (divide this semester's quality points by this semester's credits)  
Cumulative credits   (add prior A-E credits to this semester's A-E credits)  
Cumulative quality pts     (add prior quality points to this semester's)
With this semester GPA, Cumulative GPA would be:   (divide cumulative points by cumulative A-E credits)