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Financial Procedures Manual: Receiving and Payment

Confirming Purchases

At times (such as emergencies) it is necessary to quickly obtain an item and it is not possible to follow the standard purchasing process. In those cases, persons obtaining the item may either pay for the good, or request that the University be billed by the vendor.

  1. Reimbursement to Individuals

    When an individual uses personal funds to pay for an item, upon returning to the University, an approved requisition with written justification as to why it was necessary to circumvent the standard purchasing process must be submitted to the Purchasing Office, together with the paid invoice and cancelled check or other proof of payment. The Purchasing Office will review the transaction and determine if it is an appropriate expense. If acceptable, the Purchasing Office will forward the documents to the Accounting Office, which will pay the individual.

    Please note that when an individual uses personal funds to pay for an item on a confirming basis, he/she risks absorbing the charge if the Purchasing Office determines it is not an appropriate State charge, or justification is not adequate, or for some other reason.

  2. Payment to Vendors

    When the University is to be billed by the vendor for the item(s) obtained, the person should again submit a requisition, written justification, and a fully completed AP-102 form to the Purchasing Office, indicating that the item has already been received. Purchasing will review the requisition and related circumstances to ensure it is appropriate. If appropriate, the Purchasing Office will forward the documents to the Accounting Office to be matched to the vendor invoices.

    The vendor should send the invoice directly to the Accounting Office, which will then match the approved requisition and AP-102 with the invoice and pay the vendor. Under no circumstance should the individual return to the campus with an invoice and submit it to the Accounting Office. Submitting invoices in this manner may result in a refusal to pay by the Accounting Office.