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Forms: Network Security System User Information Instructions

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1) The type and maximum number of characters required and a definition for each field that must be completed on the form are provided below. Enter the appropriate information in the spaces provided.

Title: 30 alpha characters. The user's Position Title.
Building: 30 alpha characters. The building where the user's worksite is located.
Room:  6 alphanumeric characters. The room number of the user's worksite.
Phone: 10 numeric characters. The user's phone numbers.
E-mail Address: The user's complete Internet e-mail address.
Department: 30 alpha characters. The name of the department where the user works.
Job Function: Assigned by security administrator. A 10-position alphabetic identifier used to group users according to their job duties.

2) The user's submission of the form is acknowledgment that he or she will safeguard his or her password to prevent unauthorized use of the State Accounting CENT system. (The password should not be recorded on this form.)