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Financial Procedures Manual: IFR Billing and Collections

Contracting to Provide Goods or Services

Arrangements to provide more than $10,000 worth of goods or services to another individual or agency should be put in writing and approved by University officials. Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) will be issued when other State agencies are receiving the goods and services. Revenue contracts will be issued for agreements with individuals and other non-State organizations.

The agreement should identify the performance expectations of the parties and specify when and how the account is to be paid. A pro forma agreement form is provided as ATTACHMENT IV-1.

The proposed agreement, signed by the project director and dean of the respective campus unit providing the good or service, should be submitted to the Purchasing Office for review. Purchasing reviews the agreement, indicates approval of the terms, obtains the University Controller's approval and returns the document to the project director to obtain the receiving unit's signature.

Upon return of the signed agreement, Purchasing will forward the agreement to the State Comptroller for review and approval, if necessary. If acceptable, the Controller will sign as the authorized signatory of the State and return all copies to the Purchasing Office. Purchasing will notify the project director of the approval and provide copies to the Budget and Accounting Offices.

No goods or services should be provided by the University before the agreement is approved by the University Controller. Advance notice of at least three weeks should be given to the Purchasing Office to allow for adequate review of the proposed agreement.