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Forms |AP-102 Form | AP-102 Instructions

Instructions for Preparation of Form AP-102

Following are explanations to clarify information requested on the AP-102 form.

  • "Date Received" should be the date the item(s) was received and accepted by the department. If the item(s) received were damaged or otherwise unacceptable, the vendor must be notified within 15 days of receipt the the goods received were damaged and unacceptable. 

  • If the vendor delivers more items than those ordered, the vendor will only be paid for the number of items indicated on the purchase order. Excess deliveries should not be accepted by departments without first contacting the Purchasing Office.

  • It is important that the partial/full shipment question be answered to inform the Accounting Office if the transaction is a full or partial liquidation of the purchase order.

  • If the purchase order is not to be fully liquidated, it is important that the Accounting Office be told which items to pay. Vendor invoices are not always clear as to which items are being billed and departmental verification is helpful to identify items should be paid.