AMAT 584: Topological Data Analysis II — Fall 2023

 Professor  Boris Goldfarb
 Office  Catskill Building 389
 Office hours  MTh 10:30AM—12:00PM
 Telephone  518-442-4633 (leave a message)
 Email address  bgoldfarb at
 WWW page

About the course: The purpose of this course is to introduce topological data analysis including the theoretical foundations and various implementations of the methods.

Reading/Homeworks/Tests: This class will be taught online in asynchronous mode. There is no appropriate text for this course. I will be posting my lectures and writing and distributing notes. We will make extensive use of discussion boards in Brightspace. Homework assignments are from the problems in the notes. There will be three take-home tests and one additional homework assignment near the end of the course.

Grades: The course letter grades will be based on the total score obtained as follows:

    three midterm tests   =  3 x 30%
    special assignment   =  10%

The following information is included to satisfy the Class Syllabus requirements. The prerequisites for this class are multivariable calculus, a course in linear algebra, also some experience in constructing mathematical proofs. You need to be admitted to the graduate program in mathematics or data science or talk to me to get a permission to register. The course is A-E graded. This class is taught in online asynchronous mode. You are expected to follow the University's Standards of Academic Integrity.