Minerva Eliot Rich, Ph.D.


These pages collect materials about my work as an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology Management, School of Business, University at Albany. My professional and academic work revolve around two different concepts of "systems." My first profession was as a business systems analyst, designing and developing information technology solutions for complex problems. During my reincarnation as an academic, I have studied organizational and individual behavior through the lens of system dynamics, a perspective that uses causal structures, feedback, and information delays to understand outcomes.

Much of my current work applies the latter to the former: What can we learn about IT-enabled change and its effects through the application of systems thinking? During the last few years, this path has included stops in Knowledge Management, Information Security and Decision Analysis. The research and publications sections of this site present several ideas and work products in this area.

My CV (as of May 2014) can be found here.

My most recent course information and content are available to students through the University's Blackboard site.

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Eliot Rich, Ph.D.,
Department of Information Technology Management
School of Business, University at Albany
BB 369 (as of 8/2013)
Albany, NY 12222 USA

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