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Inviting Your Participation at the upcoming 2013 ASA Conference. Be a part of the future 2013 Caucus planning!

The Women's Caucus Steering Committee is made up of Committee Chairs and recent past Convenors and others who answer the Co-Convenor's call to become Steering Committee members or have interest in joining. If you are interested in becoming a Steering Committee member, please contact the Co-Convenors.

Each Steering Member is welcomed to chair a Committee and will work with the Co-convenors to develop Women's Caucus projects and programs.

Joining a Committee is a great way to participate at ASA. All committees will need volunteers for 2013.

Program Planning (ASA Panels and Speakers)

Membership and Outreach

Planning for the 2013 Auction and "Meet and Greet" at the upcoming 2013 ASA meeting in Baltimore, MD.

November 21-24, 2013

Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel
Baltimore, MD.

The Aidoo-Snyder Book Prize

The Graduate Student Paper Prize

Communication: WC Listserv and Web Page

Nominations and Elections

Mission and Constitution

Fund Raising and Grants

Betty Wambui,
2011 - 2012 Co-Convenor
, [email protected] State University of New York SUNY Oneonta,
(607) 232-0999



Upcoming Events

Ideas for the Caucus, relevant conferences or job postings to share?

Please send to ASA Women's Caucus Co-Convenors

Betty Wambui


Natasha Gordon-Chipembere,

Thank you!





Our Calendar

Please plan to attend the Women's Caucus at the 2013 ASA conference. We welcome your participation to create this year's offerings!

Dr. Hauwa Ibrahim, Visiting Lecturer on Women's Studies and Islamic Law, Harvard Divinity School, spoke on:

"Women's Experiences and Questions of Justice under Shariah Law"


2012 ASA Women's Caucus Meetings and Panels in Philadelphia:

  • Women's Caucus Luncheon and Speaker
    Saturday Dec. 1st - 12:15pm - 1:30pm
    Grand Ballroom Salon G - Marriott Hotel

  • Women's Caucus "Meet & Greet"
    Thursday, Nov. 29th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
    Grand Ballroom Salon L - Marriott Hotel
    (New members welcome!)

  • WC Steering Committee - Thursday
    7:45pm -8:30 pm
    Grand Ballroom Salon L -Marriott Hotel

  • General Membership Business Meeting
    Saturday, Dec. 1st - 6:30-8:30pm
    Franklin 4 - Marriott Hotel

    At the 2011 ASA conference, the Women's Caucus held a very successful auction, raffle and "Meet & Greet" for returning and new members. If you have an idea to share for next year's program, are interested in working together on a committee, or joining the Steering Committee, please join us!

    2012 Meet & Greet:

    Please contact [email protected] if you would like to display your book (published within the last 3 years) at the Caucus Table. If you would like your recent publications to be noted please e-mail a full citation for your article or book along with a book image (jpeg)if you have one. This list will be shared with members at our events.

    Women's Caucus Panels:
  • Friday 4:30 – 6:15 pm
    VIII‐B‐2 New Perspectives on Africa in the Caribbean: Panel in Honor of the Retirement of Claire Robertson

    Chair: Buckridge, Steeve, Grand Valley State University, [email protected]

    Miles, Dawn, Ohio State University, New Directions on Africa in the Caribbean

    Moitt, Bernard, Virginia Commonwealth University, Slave Labor and Leisure in Two Atlantic

    Regions: French West Africa and the French Caribbean in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

    Hanserd, Robert, Northern Illinois University, Obayifo to Obeah: Priestly Power and Other Elements of Afro‐Atlantic Akan Identity

    Buckridge, Steeve, Grand Valley State University, The Making of African Bark Cloth in the Caribbean, 1660s‐1920s

    Discussant: Kobo, Ousman, Ohio State University

  • Saturday 8:30 am – 10:15 am IX‐M‐20
    Grassroots Women's Activism: History and Contemporary Perspectives (Part I) (Sponsored by the ASA Women's Caucus)

    Fallon, Kathleen, McGill University, Repertoire Transitions and the Act of Shaming

    Among Sub‐Saharan African WomenLa Pin, Deirdre, Independent Consultant, Can Big Oil Be Gender‐Smart? Protest, Politics and

    Practices in the Niger Delta Turner, Terisa, University of Guelph, How Nigerian Women are Winning the War Against Chevron and Shell: 10 Years After the 2002 Escravos Chevron Terminal Takeover

  • Saturday 10:30-12:15 X‐M‐23 Theorizing Grassroots Women's Activism (Part II) (Sponsored by the ASA Women's Caucus)

    Chair: Robertson, Claire, Ohio State University,

    Kang, Alice, University of Nebraska‐Lincoln, Theorizing Women's Activism in Africa: The

    Roles of Gender and Political Institutions

    Alidou, Ousseina, Rutgers University, Redefining Transformative Activism through Inclusive Consciousness: The Contribution of African Muslim Women's Rights Activists to Socio‐Political Change

    Mama, Amina, University of California‐Davis, Feminism in Africa Re‐Considered

    Discussant: Day, Lynda, Brooklyn College

  • Saturday 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm
    XII‐R‐34 Reframing Boundaries of Gender and Sexual Politics

    Chairs: Wambui, Betty, SUNY‐Oneonta, and Omara, Kathleen, SUNY‐Oneonta,

    Mwakisha, Jemimah, Binghamton University, Local Cultural Spaces in Global Perspectives: Young African Women

    Omara, Kathleen, SUNY‐Oneonta, Lavender Colonialism Meets LGB? Same Sex Activism in Contemporary Ghana

    LaFond, Deborah, University of Albany, Women's Processes in Knowledge Production and Activism

    Wambui, Betty, SUNY‐Oneonta, Un‐Righting and Righting Herstories in Written and Unwritten Feminist Biographies

    Discussant: Goro, Wangui wa, Institute of Education London