New York State Writers Institute - Classic Film Series

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Little Murders

November 6, 1998 (Friday) at 7:30 p.m.

Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue
(Free and Open to the Public)

(American, 1971, 110 minutes, color, 35 mm)
Directed by Alan Arkin
Starring Elliott Gould, Marcia Rodd, Vincent Gardenia, Donald Sutherland

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Written by Jules Feiffer, Little Murders is a film adaptation of his off-Broadway play. It is an unforgettable and provocative satire set within the violent confines of New York City and a grim world of neurosis and paranoia. At the time of production, the film was considered savagely cynical, but today it is a painfully accurate look at city life. Little Murders was Alan Arkin's directorial debut. With scene-stealing cameo appearances by Donald Sutherland, Lou Jacobi, and Arkin himself.

NOTE: Jules Feiffer will visit the Writers Institute on Wednesday, November 11, 1998. His multimedia presentation, "My Life and Times," will take place at 8:00 p.m. in Page Hall.

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