2015 Symposium Agenda

Exciting Research on Pleas – New Directions for the Next “Big Leap” Forward

Introduction/Welcome by Shawn Bushway

The Bargaining Part of Plea Bargaining: A Field Survey from Public Defenders about Bargaining
Presenter: Ronald Wright, Wake Forest University
Discussant: Tom Miles, University of Chicago

Prosecutorial Concessions in Plea Agreements in Federal Criminal Cases
Presenter: Angela Reitler, George Mason University
Discussant: Jenia Turner, Southern Methodist University

Prosecutor Elections, Mistakes, and Appeals
Presenter: Bryan McCannon, St. Bonaventure University/University of West Virginia
Discussant: Ryan King, Ohio State University

Keynote Address by Paul Shechtman: The Dynamics of the Plea Bargain
(And edited version of this speech was featured in the New York Law Journal on June 8, 2015)
Keynote Speaker: Paul Shectman, Private Defense Attorney (Zuckerman Spaeder); Member, NYS Permanent Sentencing Commission. (Prior Positions: Chair, NYS Ethics Commission; Commissioner of the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services; Chief, Criminal Division, US Attorney's Office, SDNY).

Plea Bargaining in Wisconsin: Prosecutor Effects on Charge Reductions and Sentencing Outcomes
Presenters: Amy Bach, Measures for Justice; Don Stemen, Measures for Justice and Loyola University
Discussant: Greg Ridgeway, University of Pennsylvania

Racial Disparity in Federal Criminal Sentences
Presenter: Sonja Starr, University of Michigan
Discussant: Oren Gazal-Ayal, University of Haifa

Experimental Approaches to the Study of Plea Bargaining
Presenters: Allison Redlich, University at Albany / George Mason University; Shawn Bushway, University at Albany
Discussant: Paul Pecorino, University of Alabama

Next Steps for the RCN (Discussion)
RCN PI: Shawn Bushway
RCN Co-PIs: Anne Piehl, Brian Johnson, and Allison Redlich

Guilty Pleas Symposium Posters
Adolescent plea bargains: The attorney's perspective by Erika Fountain
Product of the environment? The role of situational factors on plea evaluations and decisions
by Josh Haby
Opportunistic Pleas: Judge shopping and assembly line justice in South Carolina by Rhys Hester
Negotiating justice: Defendant perspectives of fairness by Jeannette Hussemann
County level variation in the effects of race and ethnicity on pleading guilty by Jacqueline Lee
Pecuniary justice: The role of money in pleas and punishment by Karin Martin
Re-conceptualizing the problem of racism in drug law enforcement: Federal crack prosecutors by Mariso Omori
Examination of archival exoneration data: Characteristics of false guilty plea cases by Jennifer Perillo
Benchmarking Justice Performance by Greg Ridgeway
The role of gender in plea decision-making by Reveka Shteynberg
Understanding the meaning of the plea reward: The role of time to disposition by Christina Stewart
Developing an experimental plea bargaining paradigm by Miko Wilford

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