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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010
Bulletin Homepage |Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy | Courses in Political Theory

Courses in Political Theory

R POS 301 History of Political Theory I (3)
An examination of classical texts in political theory from ancient Greece to the 15th century.

R POS 302 History of Political Theory II (3)
An examination of classical text in modern political thought from the Renaissance to the 19th century.

R POS 306 Contemporary Democratic Theory (3)
An historical and analytical examination of modern conceptions of democracy. The course will focus on the meaning of democracy, the justifications for democratic self-governments and the variety of models that have been offered as the realization of a democratic society and their forms of democratic legitimization.

R POS 307 American Political Theory (3)
The development of political thought and action in the American experience.

R POS 308 Theorists and Theorizing (3)
This course will focus on the work of a single political theorist. Students will become acquainted with the major writings of one theorist who has been chosen both for the historical and contemporary significance of his/her thought and for the purpose of learning the value of in-depth study of works that have such a significance. Along with studying the work of a major theorist, students may examine the different interpretations of that work and the conflicts and problems that arise in the practice of interpretation. May be repeated for credit if content varies.

R POS 310 Contemporary Political Philosophy (3)
Analysis of selected perspectives in the political and social thought of the 19th and 20th centuries.

R POS 313 Feminist Social and Political Thought (3)
The major documents of American, English, and Continental feminist thought. Emphasizes chronological development and continuity and change in feminist theory. Particular attention to the directions feminism has taken since the 1960s.

R POS 314 Problems of Political Inquiry (3)
Introduction to the discipline of political science and contemporary approaches to the study of politics.

R POS 419Z Seminar in Political Theory (3)
Special topics in political theory and philosophy. Prerequisite(s): two courses in political theory, or permission of instructor.