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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010
Bulletin Homepage |College of Computing & Information | Informatics Courses

Courses in Informatics

I INF 100X (= I IST 100X) Internet and Information Access (3)
Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web. Information literacy in technology and online information resources. Using, finding, evaluating, and producing information on the Internet. Only one version of I INF 100X may be taken for credit.

I INF 201 Introduction to Information Technology (3)
This course comprises three skills-based modules: information management (UNIX, directory management, and presentation software), web technologies (HTML, digital imaging, file formats and transfer), and networks (protocols, layer model, information security). Prerequisite(s): I INF/I IST 100X.

I INF 202 Introduction to Data & Databases (3)
This course will examine basic principles of data and databases, with an emphasis on relational database modeling. Topics such as database design, creation, and maintenance, user interface, and SQL queries will be presented from an end-user perspective.

I INF 301X (= I IST 301X) The Information Environment (3)
Introduction to information science. Definitions and properties of information, production, transfer, classification, formatting, evaluation, and use. Role of information organizations including the print and electronic publishing, traditional and digital libraries, and archives. Only one version of I INF 301X may be taken for credit.

I INF 399 Special Topics in Informatics (3)
The contents of this course will vary from semester to semester. Each offering will cover an advanced topic in Informatics. May be repeated for credit when content varies. Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor, and junior or senior standing.

I INF 423 (= I IST 423) Networking Essentials (3)
Covers the fundamentals of computer networking concepts and implementation and the client and server operating systems that run on networked PCs. Special emphasis is placed on network protocols and how they operate at all layers of the networking model. Emphasis also is placed on the interoperability of networks that run on multiple protocols, platforms, and operating systems. Only one version of I INF 423 may be taken for credit.

I INF 424 (= I IST 424) Hardware and Operating Systems Essentials (3)
Covers the fundamentals of personal computer internal system components, storage systems, and peripheral devices, including problems associated with them and the procedures for servicing them. Only one version of I INF 424 may be taken for credit.

I INF 451 (= A PHY 451 & I CSI 451) Bayesian Data Analysis and Signal Processing (3)
This course will introduce both the principles and practice of Bayesian and maximum entropy methods for data analysis, signal processing, and machine learning. This is a hands-on course that will introduce the use of the MATLAB computing language for software development. Students will learn to write their own Bayesian computer programs to solve problems relevant to physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and signal processing, as well as hypothesis testing and error analysis. Optimization techniques to be covered include gradient ascent, fixed-point methods, and Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling techniques. Only one version of I INF 451 may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): A MAT 214 (or equivalent) and I CSI 101 or 201.