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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010
Bulletin Homepage |School of Education | Courses in Education

School-Wide Courses in Education

E EDU 275 (= A REL 275) Social Morality and Citizenship Education in a Pluralistic Society (3)
This course discusses the concepts of good and bad citizens that have given rise to disputes about citizenship and education for citizenship. It considers various historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives on public virtues and the concept of the common good in the context of a pluralistic and democratic society. Only one version of E EDU 275 may be taken for credit.

E EDU 300 Independent Study (1–3)
Independent study with variable credit. Contingent upon the consent and willingness of instructor(s) to function as adviser(s) and the dean, School of Education, or designate(s). The credits may be apportioned in whole or in part as major credit, second field credit, or elective credit as appropriate and as determined by the student’s major department. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing, departmental consent. S/U graded.

E EDU 375 Social Responsibility and Citizenship Education in a Pluralistic Society (3)
This course provides opportunities for students to examine their own beliefs and lay theories of schooling and education. First, students will address the issue of the role of schools in creating a just and moral society. The second issue students will address concerns the nature of the content of the knowledge and values which schools define as cultural literacy. The third issue students will examine concerns the standards to be used in evaluating knowledge and values in a pluralistic society.

E EDU 390 Community Service Projects (3–6)
Special projects involving community activities and collateral study, to be approved as designated by the dean, School of Education. This course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing, permission of instructor. S/U graded.