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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010
Bulletin Homepage |School of Business | Courses in Management

Courses in Management

B MGT 341 Behavioral Foundations of Management (3)
This survey course provides an overview of research and theory about behavior in organizations. Specific topics may include ethics, decision-making, communication, group processes, power and influence, motivation and job attitudes, conflict and cooperation, organizational politics, leadership, organization structure, organization change and development, and international differences affecting behavior in organizations, Prerequisite(s): A PSY 101 and either A SOC 115 or A ANT 108.

B MGT 430 Management of Human Resources (3)
B MGT 430 introduces the concepts and techniques of human resources management, with an emphasis on knowledge relevant for practicing managers. Topics include human resource planning, human resource information systems, employee recruitment and selection, equal opportunity and affirmative action, diversity and multiculturalism, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, training and development, quality of work-life programs, career planning, labor relations, safety, ethical and legal issues in HRM, and international differences in HRM. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): B MGT 341. Offered spring semester only.

B MGT 450/450Z Managerial Leadership and Decision Making (3)
Builds on concepts in B MGT 341. Review of major concepts and findings in managerial leadership, with a focus on the functions and skills of middle and lower-level managers. Topics may include nature of managerial work, managerial skills and behavior, motivating and influencing people, leading decision groups, participative leadership and delegation, management by objectives, action planning, problem solving and crisis management, time management, managing conflict, team building, and transformational leadership. Only one version of B MGT 450 may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): B MGT 341. May not be offered in 2009-2010.

B MGT 470/470Z Motivation, Productivity, and Change Management (3)
This course focuses on theory and practice involved with motivation, productivity, and change management in the work environment. Improving employee motivation and productivity is the focus of change management. Topics include major theories on work motivation, practical techniques of change management such as action research and survey-guided feedback, and practical techniques to increase employee involvement and motivation such as incentive plans, employee ownership, and self-managed teams. Only one version of B MGT 470 may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): B MGT 341. Offered fall semester only.

B MGT 471/471Z Human Resource Information System (3)
Focuses on the interface of the Human Resource Management function of organizations with computer technology. Examines the use of computers as tools to analyze and assist in decision regarding the effective utilization of human resources of any organization. Explores specific human resource topics in depth using information technology as a managerial decision tool in area such as strategy, selection, employment discrimination, training, and compensation. Only one version of B MGT 471 may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): B MGT 341 and 430. Offered spring semester only.

B MGT 480/480Z Special Topics in Management (3)
Study of selected topics involving the effective management of organizations, with the emphasis on improvement of organizational effectiveness in large and small businesses. Topics may include management of technology and innovation, executive leadership and decision-making, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, organization culture, diagnosis of organizational effectiveness, design of organizations, organization change, management of company-wide productivity and quality improvement programs, and international management. May be repeated once for credit with change in topic. Prerequisite(s): B MGT 341 and 430.

B MGT 481 Strategic Management (3)
This capstone course develops an overall management viewpoint and integrates various specialized functions such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management Information Systems, and Human Resource Management. Topics include industry analysis, global competitiveness, international management, strategies for adjusting to the social, political and economic environment, approaches for developing and implementing strategic plans in organizations, managerial values and ethics, and social issues in business. Prerequisite(s): senior standing in the School of Business and permission of the Office of Student Services.