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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2010
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Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences


Professors Emeritae/i
 Duncan C. Blanchard, Ph.D. *
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ulrich Czapski, Ph.D.
  Hamburg University
 Arthur Z. Loesch, Ph.D.
  University of Chicago

 Winthrop D. Means, Ph.D.
  University of California, Berkeley 
 John E. Molinari, Ph.D.
  Florida State University  
 Volker A. Mohnen, Ph.D.
  University of Munich

Distinguished Professor
  Lance F. Bosart, Ph.D.
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Distinguished Teaching Professor
 John W. Delano, Ph.D.
  State University of New York at Stony Brook


 Kenneth L. Demerjian, Ph.D. (Ray Falconer Endowed Chair)
  Ohio State University 

Daniel Keyser, Ph.D.
  Pennsylvania State University
William S. F. Kidd, Ph.D.
  Cambridge University 
Christopher Thorncroft, Ph.D., Department Chair 
  University of Reading 
Braddock K. Linsley, Ph.D.
  University of New Mexico

Associate Professor Emeritae
 George W. Putman, Ph.D.
  Pennsylvania State University
 Jon T. Scott, Ph.D.
  University of Wisconsin

Associate Professors
 Vincent P. Idone, Ph.D.
  University at Albany
Robert G. Keesee, Ph.D.
  University of Colorado

Assistant Professors
 Paul E. Roundy, Ph.D.
  Pennsylvania State University
Ryan Torn, Ph.D.
  University of Washington, Seattle
Mathias Vuille, Ph.D.
  University of Bern, Switzerland
Associated Faculty
David R. Fitzjarrald, Ph.D. *
  University of Virginia
 Lee C. Harrison, Ph.D. *
  University of Washington, Seattle
 David Knight, Ph.D.
  University of Washington, Seattle
 Stephen S. Howe, M.S.
  Pennsylvania State University 
 G. Garland Lala, Ph.D. *
  University at Albany 
 Michael G. Landin, M.S.
  University at Albany
 Ross A. Lazear, M.S.
  University of Wisconsin, Madison 
 Qilong Min, Ph.D. *
  University of Alaska, Fairbanks 
Scott D. Miller *
   University of California, Irvine 
Richard R. Perez, Ph.D. *
  University at Albany 
James J. Schwab, Ph.D. *
  Harvard University 
Christopher J. Walcek, Ph.D. *
  University of California, Los Angeles 
Wei-Chyung Wang, D.E.S. *
  Columbia University 
Kevin Tyle, M.S.
  University at Albany
Fangqun Yu, Ph.D. *
  University of California, Los Angeles
Qi Zhang, Ph.D. *
  University of California, Davis

Visiting Professors
 Michael J. Reeder, Ph.D.
  (resident at Monash University)
Morris Weisman, Ph.D.
  (resident at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, NCAR)
W. James Steenburgh, Ph.D.
  (resident at University of Utah)

*Primary appointment with the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center as Research Professors.

Adjuncts (estimated): 2
Teaching Assistants (estimated): 8

The Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences offers three distinct undergraduate degrees within and between the two core programs of Atmospheric Science and Environmental Science: a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Atmospheric Science; a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Science; and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. All three degrees are recognized as particularly challenging and attract students of high caliber who are interested in studying the fundamental processes operating on-and-within the Earth and its atmosphere.