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Undergraduate Bulletin 2007-2008
Bulletin Homepage |School of Business | Courses in Information Technology Management

Courses in Information Technology Management

B Itm 215 Computer Applications in Business (3)

This course will cover the role of information systems in business and the fundamentals of computer hardware and software. Introduction to spreadsheets, databases, and elementary computer programming concepts such as variables, control structures, functions, and I/O. Students will develop business-oriented applications using common software tools such as Excel and Visual Basic/VBA. Students may take both B Itm 215 and I Csi 101 for credit, if both courses were taken in Fall 2003 or thereafter. Not open to freshmen. Offered fall and spring.

B Itm 220 Introduction to Business Statistics (3)

This course will cover the fundamentals of statistical analysis oriented towards business problems. Topics covered include: data collection, data presentation in tables and charts, numerical descriptive measures, frequency distributions, simple linear regression and correlation concepts, elementary probability theory, estimation and introductory hypothesis testing. Prerequisite(s): intermediate algebra or AMAT 100. May not be taken for credit by students with credit for AECO 320. Only one of BITM 220 and AMAT 08 may be taken for credit. Offered fall (may not be offered every fall). Prerequisite(s):Intermediate algebra or A Mat 100

B Itm 322 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions (3)

This course is designed to expose students to decision making in the face of uncertainty. Statistical concepts such as probability and sampling will be taught with the aid of software packages. Business problems including inventory, forecasting, and quality control systems will also be covered. Risk analysis will be taught through Monte Carlo simulation. Prerequisite(s): BITM 220 or its equivalent and Calculus. Offered fall and spring. Prerequisite(s):B Itm 220 or its equivalent and Calculus.

B Itm 330 Business Information Systems & Technologies (3)

This course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of information systems and information technology in business. It focuses on models for modern business processes, integration of business functions, strategic information systems and the tasks and techniques for developing computer based information systems. Also, selected topics from the project management area such as project planning, time, risk, and resource management in various business applications will be discussed. Elements of database management, information systems building and prototyping will be introduced using popular end-user software packages (Excel and Visual Basic for applications). Prerequisite(s): AMAT 106 and BITM 215 or their equivalents; BITM 220 or AMAT 108 or AECO 320. Offered fall, spring and summer (may not be offered every summer). Prerequisite(s): A Mat 106 and B Itm 215 or their equivalents; B Itm 220 or A Mat 108 or A Eco 320.

B Itm 331 Business Application Development (3)

This hands-on course includes creating and using relational database software, elements of database theory and modeling, information systems analysis and design. Experience with system building is gained through individual and group projects with integrate database technology with prototyping methodology. Prerequisite(s): BITM 215 or its equivalent, and BITM 330. Offered spring and summer (may not be offered every summer). Also, by application open to juniors and seniors who are declared INF minors and have completed IINF 201. Prerequisite(s): B Itm 215 or its equivalent, and B Itm 330.

B Itm 390 Operations & Business Process Management (3)

This course brings a strong modeling orientation to bear on the process of obtaining and exploiting resources to produce and deliver useful goods and services so as to meet the goals of the organization. Elements of contemporary business processes and operations including reengineering and business intelligence will be discussed. A set of decision-oriented models such as linear programming, elements of system simulation, inventory control, and material and enterprise resource planning is introduced and then implemented utilizing selected software products. Prerequisite(s): BITM 215 and junior standing in School of Business. Can not replace BITM 330. Offered in spring only. Prerequisite(s): B Itm 215 and junior standing in School of Business.

B Itm 391Z Decision Support Systems (3)

This writing-intensive course includes the topics of database modeling, systems analysis, information resource management, and decisions support systems. Experience with computer modeling is gained through group projects with integrate database technology with modeling techniques such as simulation. Prerequisite: Good standing in 3/2 program and BITM 330. Note: This course is taken as a replacement for BITM 331. Completion of this course with a grade of B or higher waives BITM 522 for students in 3/2 program. Prerequisite(s): Good standing in 3/2 program and B Itm 330. [WI]

B Itm 415Z Systems Analysis and Design (3)

This course covers the planning, design, and implementation of computer-based information systems. Topics include techniques for analyzing and specifying system requirements, SQL, advanced concepts in database management, data mining and data warehousing. Prerequisite(s): BITM 331. Offered fall. [WI]

B Itm 416 Communications, Networking, and Security (3)

This course provides an introduction to integrative business strategy, practice, and enabling technologies. Topics include telecommunication: concepts, protocols (OSI and TCP/IP), and hardware; computer networks (client-server, LAN, WAN, conducted and wireless Internet); computer security (Security Threats and Vulnerabilities, Network Security, Cryptography, and Privacy), and related emerging technologies. Prerequisite(s): BITM 330. Offered spring.

B Itm 434 Business Application Implementation (3)

This is a project-based course where students work in teams to develop model-based decision support systems for clients in the local or regional community. Course is required for ITM majors. For combined ITM majors enrollment is limited and by application only and permission of the instructor. Prerequisite(s): BITM 415 or concurrent enrollment. May be repeated for credit. Offered fall and spring (may not be offered every spring). Prerequisite(s): B Itm 415 or concurrent enrollment.