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University at Albany Undergraduate Bulletin - 2003-2004

Journalism Program


Associate Professor

Carolyn Yalkut, Ph.D.
University of Denver


William Rainbolt, M.A.
University of North Texas

Adjunct Faculty

Richard D'Errico
Tina First
Mike Hendricks
William Kanapaux
Ronald Kermani
Stephen Leon
Darryl McGrath
Claudia Ricci
Katherine Van Acker
David Washburn

The Journalism Program is for students interested in becoming journalists as well as for those entering other careers and fields of graduate study.

The Journalism Program's courses and internships prepare students for work in cyber media, magazine and book publishing, government, public relations, and freelance writing, as well as for graduate work in law, literature, history, education and government.

The program introduces students to innovative media technologies, such as computer-assisted reporting, the use of the Internet, and online journalism. Our internship program opportunities give students the chance to work at television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines, publishing houses, government agencies, and public relations firms.

Students may choose to minor in Journalism, but our courses are open to undergraduates in all fields. We offer workshops that concentrate on editing and writing, as well as challenging courses that address the complex issues confronting journalists today-such as law, ethics, and media criticism.

Declaring the Journalism Minor:

Students should declare the minor no later than the first semester of their junior year by applying to the Director of Journalism after completing A Jrl 300Z.

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