Contributors to the April 2001 Issue #9:

Cindy Colon sent her four poems via email.  Please contact her at

Ken Denberg's poems appear in Southern Poetry Review, Agni Review, The Maryland Poetry Review,
Sundog, The Southeast Review and others.  He is the editor of Snail's Pace Press, a not-for-profit 
literary publisher, in Cambridge, NY.

Amadio Galante contributed to Issue #3, a year ago, "Selling the Holocaust Museum"

Robert W. Greene is an associate editor for Offcourse.  His work has appeared in many issues.

Ward Kelley is a frequent contributor.  See more of his work at

Ricardo Lida Nirenberg is the editor of Offcourse.

Ellen Reed is a graphics artist, poet, skydiver, certified FAA Senior Parachute Rigger and archery champion.
She lives in Glenmont, NY.  Contact her studio at

Harry Staley can be contacted at

Rowan Wolf contributed "Closer Sun" to Issue #5, Fall 1999.

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