Harry C. Staley

Harry Staley spent his first eighteen years in Brooklyn, where, as a pupil in Catholic schools, he was taught to understand the world in terms of the Catechism of the Council of Trent.  He enlisted in the U.S.Army in 1942, saw combat with the Artillery in France and Germany.
Staley earned a B.A. at St. John's University, an M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania.  He completed his thesis on James Joyce (special emphasis on Finnegans Wake and the Tridentine Catechism) while teaching English and Theatre at Loyola College, and the University at Albany.  He has also taught at the American University at Paris (Philosophy) and at Xiamen University in China.  He was the first person to teach Joyce in that country, where the Irish novelist had earlier been listed on what Staley calls the "Chinese  Index."

After more than forty years in the classroom, Professor Staley remains an enthusiastic teacher.  In the early Seventies he developed, with his close colleague the late Tom Smith, a concert-reading and subsequent film script composed of passages from Finnegans Wake.  There followed another film based on the "Bride-ship and Gulls" episode.  These films wer shown in at The James Joyce Symposia in Paris and Zurich, and elsewhere in Europe and America.  The films were widely used in classroom courses and seminars at several universities.

Harry Staley has published his poems in Groundswell, The Snail's Pace Review, Psycho-poetry (Hull University, England,) Kalamazoo Review, The Little Magazine, and other journals.  His early poems appeared in The Pennsylvania Literary Review, The Arizona Quarterly, Voices.  He reads his poetry regularly in the Capital Region of New York State, and, most enjoyably, in Ireland.

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