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UAlbany Awards 15 Inaugural Scholarships for the Fall 2006 Semester

Contact: Catherine Herman (518) 956-8150

Inaugural Scholarship Fund recipients for the Fall 2006 Semester

Scholarship recipients, from left, YanArabell Lin, Alice Forestal, Timothy Gao (in back), Yangfei Liu, Erick Rubio, Rebekah Adamoschek, Rose Destin, Maria Carranza and Chandra Cirulnick. Other recipients (not pictured) are Nicole Miklos, Naa Adoley Pappoe, David Richardson, Vimla Singh, Nisha Taneja and Wingate Wellington.

ALBANY, N.Y. (October 2, 2006) -- Fifteen University at Albany students are the newest recipients of awards from the Kermit L. Hall and Phyllis A. Hall Inaugural Scholarship Fund, bringing the total to 19 students. Renamed on Sept. 18 to honor the late University president and his wife, the endowment provides scholarship support through recognition of deserving undergraduates.

President Hall established the fund on his third day in office in February 2005, launching it with the $100,000 the University had earmarked for his inaugural celebration. The Halls also made a personal contribution of $10,000 to the jump-start the fund, encouraging support from UAlbany faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends, as well as from corporations and foundations.

The endowment surpassed its $1 million goal in late 2005, and the first four Inaugural Scholars were named last winter. Currently, the Kermit L. Hall and Phyllis A. Hall Inaugural Scholarship Fund totals $2.8 million in gifts and pledges.

"This scholarship fund is one of the most successful initiatives in the history of the University," said University at Albany Foundation Board President George Hearst III. "It was of course close to Kermit Hall's heart and plays an important role in the University's attainment of its academic goals. The Foundation is honored to help these exceptional students make their dreams a reality."

Senior English major Chandra Cirulnick had never actually met President Hall, who passed away August 13, but wishes that she could thank him for establishing the scholarship fund to assist undergraduates.

"From what I've read and heard, President Hall was an amazing person," said Cirulnick, a Long Island native who plans a career in the publishing field. "The terms on which the scholarship fund was set up were extremely generous. I hope that future presidents follow his lead and continue to make positive and realistic improvements to the University."

A complete listing of Fall 2006 Inaugural Scholars follows:

Rebekah Adamoschek, senior history major from Sprakers, N.Y.

Maria Carranza, senior social welfare major from Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Chandra Cirulnick, senior English major from North Babylon, N.Y.

Rose Destin, senior biology major from Kingston, N.Y.

Alice Forestal, junior biology major from Amsterdam, N.Y.

Timothy Gao, junior sociology major from Highland, N.Y.

YanArabell Lin: sophomore human biology (intended) major from Queens, N.Y.

Yangfei Liu, junior actuarial and mathematical science major from New York, N.Y.

Nicole Miklos: junior psychology major from Freeport, N.Y.

Naa Adoley Pappoe, sophomore French (intended) major from New York, N.Y.

David Richardson, junior mathematics major from Pearl River, N.Y.

Erick Rubio, junior accounting major from Hillsborough, N.J.

Vimla Singh, junior biology major from Schenectady, N.Y.

Nisha Taneja, junior biology major from Yonkers, N.Y.

Wingate Wellington, junior accounting major from Brooklyn, N.Y.


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