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By Greta Petry (October 4, 2007)

Honors College a Hit with Freshmen

Allyson Impallomeni

UAlbany Honors College student Allyson Impallomeni says the more intimate setting of honors courses gives her great access to professors. (Photo by Mark Schmidt)

Honors College freshmen enrollment is up nearly 50 percent this fall, demonstrating that the word is out and more and more bright, motivated students and their families recognize the value of the education they receive at the University at Albany.

As the college embarks on its second year, 177 incoming freshmen have become honors students, topping the 120 who entered the program last year. This brings the total enrollment of the Honors College to roughly 330 students. What's attracting these students?

Allyson Impallomeni, a sophomore from Hewlett, N.Y., says the Honors College offers her great access to professors.

"The classroom is more intimate, which allows me to create a stronger relationship with my professors, as well as equally educating them on my personal goals," said Impallomeni, a prelaw student with a double major in psychology and criminal justice.

Other students add that it's the activities offered during evenings and weekends, and the opportunity to live and study together that draw honors applicants to the program.

The Honors College provides small, seminar-size classes. With 25 or fewer students in each course, honors students receive personal attention, and only honors students enroll in the high-level, individually designed courses.

Honors students may also seek out research opportunities. As early as their first year, students are encouraged to conduct research with a professor, postdoctoral fellow, or advanced graduate student.

Finally, the Honors College provides unique lectures, events, and field trips, including free admission to select performances at UAlbany's Performing Arts Center.

Impallomeni added, "There are no limits – (at the Honors College) – the sky's the limit here, which I think is very appealing to students who want a fabulous education."


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