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By Vinny Reda (March 12, 2007)

University Fetes Freshman 4.0s

Focus and organization are not always habits that bright young students bring with them into their freshman years in college. These qualities, however, undoubtedly aided 50 such freshmen this fall as they achieved perfect 4.0 grade-point averages.

"It's all a matter of time management and balancing things out," said Sonya Guerrero of Brentwood, a student in the University's Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) who was one of the 50 honored on March 7 at a reception in the University Hall Atrium. Guerrero said she followed the advice of Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and EOP Director Carson Carr Jr., who emphasizes the importance of good study skills and time management.

"As a result, I've been able to devote the time I've needed to my studies, but also had time for fun," she said.

That is just how a great academic career should work out, said Officer in Charge and Provost Susan Herbst, who told the group, "achieving a 4.0 average is a major accomplishment at any time. Achieving it during your very first semester, when you are also adjusting to new surroundings and new expectations, is truly outstanding — and we are all very proud of you.

"Yet, while academics are important, they are not the entire college experience, and that's why we encourage you to take advantage of the many extracurricular activities available to you here at UAlbany."

Freshman Danielle Parisi of Pomona achieved her 4.0 semester as a member of the Honors College, whose classes include rigorous introductory courses. "They made achieving a 4.0 more difficult, but that is what they are for," said Parisi. "These classes are created with the intent of challenging us. However, it also made it much more rewarding in the end."

Another honoree from Honors College, Chris Hocker of Bloomingburg, suggested the ultimate academic goal is not where you start but where you finish. He said he was not sure that the challenging nature of the college's courses affected his first semester GPA, "but I do believe that interesting classes have an impact on student participation and your ultimate success."


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