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By Cindi Schmalz (February 7, 2007)

James Walser, Director of the Office of Audit and Management Services

James Walser, Director of the Office of Audit and Management Services
(Photo by Mark Schmidt)


Walser Promotes Internal Control Hotline

University at Albany faculty and staff have a number to call if they observe misuse of campus funds or property - the Internal Control hotline, at (518) 437-4738.

The hotline is dedicated to continuing the University's efforts to establish and maintain internal control, which is critical to the integrity of the University. Some ethical lapses can be easily identified, but at times it may be difficult to distinguish if a line has been crossed. A wide range of activity can and should be reported, such as observed or suspected frauds, thefts, embezzlements, falsification of University records, or other financial offenses against the University. This may also include University funds or funds entrusted to the University.

The hotline came about in the following way: The Enron and WorldCom scandals of the past few years prompted James Walser, Director, Office of Audit and Management Services, to suggest the Internal Control Hotline to former President Kermit L. Hall. Walser noticed that other colleges and universities had similar programs, and while it was not required by the University, it was considered an industry "best practice."

Other methods of reporting suspected wrongdoing existed before the hotline, and still exist and work. The hotline is another, more confidential method of reporting and solving problems and, if desired, can provide anonymity. As soon as an allegation is made, Walser immediately reviews it and reports it to the UAlbany Officer in Charge. If necessary, directors of other departments will be contacted to aid in reviewing the claim. Walser encourages callers to contact him directly after they have contacted the hotline. The more information given about the incident within the report, the more he has to work with to make a conclusion. Walser said, "I will pursue any allegation that is made."

To report any suspected or observed wrongdoings, please contact the University at Albany Internal Control Hotline by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail.

Phone: (518) 437-4738 Fax: (518) 437-4515
Mail: Office of Audit and Management Services, MSC-116
University at Albany
1400 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY 12222

More information is available on the Internal Control Hotline Web site:



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