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Graduate Bulletin
Graduate Bulletin Homepage |School of Education |Graduate Program Curricula | Educational Administration & Policy Studies Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program

Program Leading to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration and Policy Studies

The program leading to the Ph.D. in educational administration requires at least three academic years of full-time work, or the equivalent over a longer period, beyond the baccalaureate and may involve as many as four years. The program is designed to develop research competence and the effective application of skills in the educational administration and policy studies field.

Program of Study (78 credits, minimum)

The student, in consultation with the faculty advisor, develops a program of study taking into account the previous preparation, area of specialization, and objectives.

Requirements include the following:

  1. Pre-core requirements: Aps 600, 601, 660;
  2. Core requirements:  Aps 700, 701, 760;
  3. Research sequence:  Aps 714, 715, and 891;
  4. 18 credits (minimum) in a concentration listed above;
  5. 12 credits (minimum) in support disciplines such as philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, and political science;
  6. 21 credits (minimum) of approved electives.


The student must submit a dissertation which demonstrates ability to treat comprehensively a significant problem in education. The dissertation should reveal the student's ability to employ both the fundamental concepts of administration and the technical skills of scholarly research.

Departmental Examinations

The student must pass a comprehensive qualifying examination covering, as a minimum, the following four areas: organizational theory, management procedures, environmental context of educational organizations, and the concentration area.

Research Sequence

  • All doctoral students in the program must satisfy the statistics requirement by either taking an approved quantitative research methods course (e.g. Eaps 614 or see your advisor for other courses that qualify), or by passing a departmental research methods exam.  The examination will be offered once each semester.  Doctoral students must satisfy this requirement with a grade of B or better before they are permitted to take the research sequence.
    • Aps 714 Introduction to Research Methods in EAPS
    • Aps 715 Research Practicum in EAPS
    • Aps 891 Seminar in Administrative Research

Full Time Study in Residence

Students must demonstrate, with the approval of their faculty adviser and the Curriculum Committee of the department, that they are engaging in work or other experience of at one year in duration which is relevant to their doctoral studies and contributes to intensive intellectual growth. The requirement for continuing registration in the program must be met during this period, in accordance with the University of Albany’s Graduate Policy and Procedures for doctoral students.
They must earn a minimum of 24 course credits in two regular sessions, not necessarily consecutive, except as indicated here:

  •  Students authorized to register for work on a dissertation may fulfill the residency requirement with satisfactory completion of 16 registered credits minimum plus formal registration for and work on the dissertation.
  • Graduate assistants holding a full assistantship may fulfill the residency requirement with one academic year in a position, including the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 15 registered credits during the year plus satisfactory completion of assigned duties.
  • Students may fulfill the residency requirement by registering for 9 credits hours during the summer session and 15 credit hours during an adjacent fall or spring session.

Admission to Candidacy

  1. Satisfactory record in course and seminar study.
  2. Completion of University requirements.
  3. Satisfactory completion of the comprehensive qualifying examination.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of educational research procedures and techniques.
  5. Acceptance of a dissertation proposal.

Last updated on 11/5/2008