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Graduate Bulletin Homepage |School of Business | Organizational Studies Courses

Courses in Organizational Studies

Org 700 Proseminar in Organizational Studies (1)

Selected subjects, with emphasis on "leading edge" research, new methodological developments, and professional issues; team-taught by the program faculty. Activities include workshops on research methods and applied techniques, discussion with invited scholars and practitioners about major developments in the field, and presentation by faculty and students of literature reviews, research proposals, and research findings. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of program director.

Org 712 Directed Research (1-3)

The student works on a research project that is being conducted by a faculty member in the Organizational Studies Doctoral Program. The student has an opportunity to learn about research design, analysis, and writing research reports by participating in these activities and being tutored by the faculty member. Grading S/U. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of the director.

Org 723 Research Project in Organizational Studies (2-3)

Supervised research on an approved topic. The student designs a plan of research, gathers data, analyzes it, and makes a written report to the faculty advisor. Presentation of results of research in a colloquium to other students and Program Faculty. Prerequisite: Permission of the program director.

Org 890 Directed Readings (3-9)

This course can be taken by students who have completed most of the required coursework in the Organizational Studies Doctoral Program, but are not ready to be admitted to candidacy. The course would be used to prepare for the comprehensive exam or to conduct a literature review and prepare a research proposal for a doctoral dissertation. Prerequisite: Permission of Program Director.

Org 899 Doctoral Dissertation (1)

Required of all candidates completing the Ph.D. degree.

Last updated on 3/25/2009