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Graduate Bulletin Homepage |College of Arts & Sciences | Art History Courses

Courses in Art History

Arh 532 Gothic Painting (3)

Studies the style and technique of stained glass, manuscript illumination, and wall and panel painting in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, with emphasis on France and Italy.

Arh 542 Early Painting of the Netherlands (3)

Study of northern Renaissance panel and manuscript painting from Jan van Eyck to Bruegel.

Arh 550 Art and Society in Early Modern France (3)

Seminar examining selected topics in art and architecture in France from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries. Special emphasis upon the cultural significance of art in an era that saw the rise and fall of monarchical power as well as dramatic changes in understandings of social hierarchy, gender, the natural world, and philosophy. Open to graduate students in Art, Humanistic Studies, and French Studies.

Arh 561 (Wss 561) Women in Film (3)

Women in Film gives a multi-dimensional look at women in cinema – as they are seen in films, as they make films, as they see films. The course will examine the contributions of women through the first 100 years of cinema and analyze various genres. Women to be studied include: Dorothy Arzner, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Anita Loos, Frances Marion, Ida Lupino, Verna Fields, Barbara Streisand, Lillian Gish, Lenore Coffee, and others. Prerequisite: Arh 260

Arh 566 Art Criticism of the Modern Period (3)

A study of the major European and American critics of 20th century art up to circa 1970. Student essays in criticism of actural artworks will emphasize understanding of historically significant critical perspectives, as well as the development of personal approaches to criticism.

Arh 567 Art Criticism of the Post-Modern Period (3)

Investigation of practice and theory of art criticism. Reading will concentrate on critics and writers from the 1970s to the present. In writing about works of art, students will practice the basic critical skill of description, formal analysis, interpretation, and articulation of personal responses.

Arh 567 Art Criticism (3)

Investigation of practice and theory of art criticism. In writing about works of art, students will practice basic critical skills of description, formal analysis, interpretation, evaluation and articulation of personal response. Writings by twentieth century critics and theorists will be read and discussed. Prerequisites: Arh 171L and permission of instructor.

Arh 568 Art Since 1945 (3)

Survey and critical analysis of art circa 1945. The course will cover directions in late Modernism and Post-modernism, including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Feminist Art, Graffiti Art, and Political Art. The period will be examined from a global perspective.

Arh 575 Women in Art (3)

Surveys of women artists from 1550 to the present, including Artemesia Gentileschi, Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun, Mary Cassatt, Alice Neel. Also includes a feminist analysis of images of women since the Renaissance.

Arh 598 Topics in Art History (3)

In-depth study of selected topics in art history not otherwise covered in curriculum. May be repeated for credit when the topic varies. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and department chair.

Arh 599 Art History Research Seminar: Selected Topics (3)

Seminar focusing upon selected topics in art historical research. Students will study all aspects of research in art history, including the formulation of a topic; historiographic analysis; preparing an annotated bibliography and scholarly notes; and using primary sources, library and web-based catalogues, databases, museum archives, image banks, and other research tools. The main focus of the coursework will be an individual research project. This course may be repeated for credit as the topic varies.

Arh 600 Seminar in Contemporary Art (4)

Focus on art since 1970. Includes readings and discussions on selected artists and current issues. Slide presentations on topics related to their studio work or area of research by students. Prerequisite: Enrollment in MFA program, or graduate standing and permission of instructor.

Arh 797 Independent Study in Art History (1-6)

Independent study in areas not dealt with in regular curriculum. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and department chair.

Last updated on 11/5/2008