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Graduate Bulletin Homepage |College of Arts & Sciences | Theatre, Courses

Courses in Theatre

Thr 500 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)

The sources and methods of scholarly research in theatre history, dramatic literature, and theatre theory. Required of all entering graduate students.

Thr 501 Styles of Dramatic Production (3)

The definition of "style" as it relates to the theatre; the contributions of the major stylists of the theatre of today.

Thr 503 Dramaturgy (3)

Study and interpretation of plays with special emphasis on the artistry of translating the written script into a theatrical production.

Thr 506 Playwriting (3)

A workshop dealing with the craft of playwriting. The focus will be on preparing a stageworthy script; some of these scripts may be considered for production. Limited enrollment. Admission by consent of instructor based on submission of written work. The course may be repeated once when the subject varies.

Thr 510 The Classical Theatre (3)

The history of the Greek and Roman stages and their literature. Prerequisite(s): Thr 221L and Thr 222L, or consent of instructor.

Thr 519 (Art 529) Live Electronic Performance (3)

A survey of the history, techniques and aesthetics of live electronic music and sound installation art, beginning in the 1960s, and instruction in interactive and other forms of performance practice. Techniques for live sound production will be addressed. Students will perform and tech original works and their interpretation of historical works. May be repeated for a total of 12 credits. Prerequisites: Mus 325, 426 and/or permission of instructor.

Thr 520 Theatre of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (3)

The English and Continental stage from the revival of drama in the church to the early seventeenth century. Prerequisite(s): Thr 221L and Thr 222L, or consent of instructor.

Thr 525 The Dramatic Art of America (3)

The physical theatre and dramatic literature of America from 1598 to the present with emphasis on those aspects that are unique and indigenous to our dramatic expression. Prerequisites: Thr 221L and Thr 222L.

Thr 526 (Art 526) Studio Work in Electronic Music and Media (3)

This course will provide students with basic studio techniques for field recording, digital audio editing, signal processing, and composition. Projects will reflect a variety of aesthetic approaches and disciplines from the experimental tradition in Electronic Music to sound art, multimedia applications, and related fields. Prerequisites: Mus 325 or equivalent and/or permission of instructor.

Thr 527 (Art 527) Seminar in Electronic Music and Media (3)

This course is an advanced seminar in sound design, audio art, electronic musical composition and related fields, with an emphasis on evaluation and discussion of creative studio work produced by students. A continuation of studies initiated in Mus 426/Art 426/Art 526 with a focus on advanced techniques and aesthetics. Prerequisite: Art 526.

Thr 528 (Art 528) Sound Design and Multimedia (3)

Theory and techniques of how sound and music are composed for use in multi-media fields, including Theatre, the World Wide Web, installation art, CD-ROM and video. Students will work on original projects in their respective disciplines. The focus of this course will vary. Prerequisites: Mus 325, 426 and/or permission of instructor.

Thr 540 Contemporary Theatre (3)

The course explores the most significant trends and developments in contemporary Western drama and theatre from World War II to the present in the context of historical background and critical and philosophical thought. Readings change to keep the course abreast of current thought. Representative readings may include dramatists such as Bertolt Brecht, Jean-Paul Sartre, Heiner Muller, Caryl Churchill and Maria Irene Fornes, as well as theoretical and critical essays that address epic theatre, existentialism, theatre of the absurd, interculturalism, feminism, and postmodern performance. Filmed productions such as those by Peter Brook, Jerzy Growtowski, Tadeusz Kantor, and Robert Wilson are also analyzed by the class. Prerequisite(s): Thr 221, 222, 322, or consent of instructor.

Thr 541 Special Studies in Voice and Movement (3)

Study and practice in physical and vocal dexterity. Topics may vary and may include such special acting problems as stage combat, mime, period movement and dancing, tumbling and improvisation. The course may be repeated once when the subject varies.

Thr 545 History of Dramatic Criticism (3)

Examination of the history of drama criticism and the theoretical conclusions developed from this examination. Major critical documents from the ancient world to the twentieth century.

Thr 549 Topics in Acting (3)

Special topics and exercises selected to address particular needs and interests of advanced students. This course may be repeated when topic varies. Prerequisite: Thr 440 or consent of instructor.

Thr 550 Special Studies in Dramatic Direction (3)

Intensive study of the creative role of the director in relation to the major modes of dramatic expression. May be repeated once for an additional 3 credits. Prerequisite: Thr 340 or Thr 350.

Thr 555 Graduate Seminar in Theatre History (3)

Consideration of a particular research topic in theatre history each session. The course may be repeated once when the subject varies.

Thr 556 Seminar in Dramatic Literature (3)

Examination of a particular genre, movement, period, or author. The course may be repeated once when the subject varies.

Thr 570 Advanced Stage Management (3)

Investigation of the theories and techniques of stage management, including a thorough examination of the varied functions and duties performed by stage managers in professional, educational, commercial, and community theatres.

Thr 575 Seminar in Advanced Stage Lighting (3)

The design of lighting for more sophisticated and non-standard forms of stage production, e.g., opera, musical, theatre, arena, thrust. Students will also be given the opportunity to prepare the design and to execute the lighting for an actual production under the intensive guidance of a faculty instructor. In some cases this may be done for a University Theatre major production. An extensive research paper on some advanced aspect of theatrical lighting is required. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Thr 580 Drama in Production (2-3)

Specific projects in one or more phases of production related to current Theatre Department activity; supervised research in appropriate critical or historical background and theory. May be repeated once with a different primary production emphasis. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Thr 585 Advanced Costuming (3)

Advanced study of the principles and theory of costume design as applied to the practical problems of the realization of a design for actual production. A substantial project is required, such as designing costumes for a production which will include the preparation of color sketches complete with fabric swatches and possibly the making of some patterns, significant research, significant theoretical costume design, etc., to be determined by the instructor. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Thr 590 Internship (3)

Apprenticeship program with professional theatrical organizations for qualified graduate students. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair.

Thr 600 Theatre Workshop (1)

Application of theatre study to the challenges of theatre practice through participation (other than acting) in production work of the University Theatre. May be repeated; combined total of credits earned in 600 and 601 may not exceed 3. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Thr 601 Rehearsal and Performance (1)

Acting in a production of the University Theatre. Admission by audition only. May be repeated; combined total of credits earned in 600 and 601 may not exceed 3. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Thr 680 Seminar in Dramatic Art (4)

Individual research in the area of theatre or aesthetics. Open only to candidates for a graduate degree at this institution. May be repeated once for an additional four credits.

Thr 693 General Readings in Theatre (1-6)

Individual work in preparation for the comprehensive examination for the M.A. in theatre. Load equivalent unit only. Prerequisite: Consent of the director of graduate studies in theatre.

Thr 697 Independent Study and Research (1-4)

Independent study and projects in theatre, with conferences and written reports. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, advisor, and department chair. Course may be repeated once.

Thr 699 Master's Thesis (4)

May be in form of a written research document alone, or a research document in association with a production project. Prerequisites: Consent of advisor, department chair, and in the case of a production thesis, the design staff.

Last updated on 11/5/2008