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Graduate Bulletin
Graduate Bulletin Homepage |College of Arts & Sciences | Humanities Courses

Courses in the Humanities

Hum 599 Special Topics in Humanistic Studies (1-4)

Advanced study of a selected topic relating to the internal structure of the humanities, or to their relationship to non-humanistic fields. Designed primarily for students in the doctoral program in Humanistic Studies; others admitted with permission of program director. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 611 Colloquium: Nature and History of the Humanities (4)

Exploration of the humanistic disciplines with respect to both content and methodology and the possible criteria that distinguish them from the natural and social sciences. Focus on selected critical moments ranging from classical Greece to contemporary America. Endeavors to develop from this historical perspective useful tools of critical appraisal. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 612 Nature and History of Humanities: The 20th Century (4)

Examination of modernism, its extension of, or reaction against, earlier assumptions of order, reason, form, progress, and science, and of the challenges to the humanities of post-modernism with its emphasis on the politics of knowledge. Readings based on influential literary, philosophical, artistic, and critical works of the 20th century. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 613 Colloquium: Methods of Criticism (4)

Examines major classical statements on the nature of criticism and studies contemporary approaches to critical thought in the humanities, including linguistic, anthropological, psycho-analytical, historical, and sociological positions. Considers how theoretical assumptions influence the nature of interpretation itself. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 690 Internship Seminar (3)

Supervised application of acquired skills and knowledge in an appropriate workplace. Required of all candidates for the Doctor of Arts in Humanistic Studies. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 697 Directed Readings (2-4)

A course of readings designed to cover areas of inquiry not otherwise available through regular courses. Supplemented by regular discussions with sponsoring professor. May be repeated for credit once. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 893 General Readings in the Humanities (2-12)

Individual work in preparation for the qualifying examination for the D.A. in Humanistic Studies. Students enrolling must list the appropriate number of "load equivalent units" in lieu of credits. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 897 Independent Study and Research (2-4)

Advanced independent study in an area not regularly covered in graduate courses. Designed exclusively for doctoral candidates. Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

Hum 899 Doctoral Dissertation (1)

Required of all candidates completing the degree of Doctor of Arts in Humanistic Studies.

Last updated on 11/5/2008