Karin B. Reinhold

Karin Reinhold has a pure love of mathematics and a thrist to tramsit her enthusiasm to students, yet she demonstrates a tremendous capacity to step back and see where young scholars need extra help, and when they can and cannot be pushed. As a result, since becoming a faculty member in 1994, she has won renown as a teacher who demands high standards and provides the assistance and nurturing to achieve them.

She has taught a large number of different courses with distinction at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Students find Reinhold's lectures clear and concise. She has been more than willing to guide students over the more challenging complexities of the subject with generous amounts of her time outside the classroom, and with a sixth sense on just where certain students are struggling. She insists on students communicating with her via e-mail whenever possible.

Emphasizing classroom engagement, Reinhold makes students present their work to the class on a regular basis and she creates discovery-type projects for them. Though at times daunted by the level of achievement expected of them, the vast percentage of her students come to appreciate the effort. Many continue to take courses with her, including demanding independent studies and senior seminars.

Reinhold was an extremely valuable member of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics task force, charged three years ago with a thorough review of the program. She has remained a member of the department's undergraduate committee. In addition, she is the new head of the honors program and has become faculty liaison to the Mathematical Association of America. She is also campus representative to the Hudson Valley Research Symposium.

In Reinhold's major area of mathematical expertise, ergodic theory, as well as in related areas of study, she has been well-published. In addition, she is regularly invited to speak at premier institutions and has participated in international workshops held in, among other locales, Berkeley, Calif., Chicago, and Paris.

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