Resume critique during drop-ins

Experienced Resume Tips

If you have significant experience in your field your resume will be primarily focused on your work experience.

If you have significant experience you can consider having a 2 page resume. Make sure the most relevant experience is on the first page.  When describing your experience you should:

Use numbers whenever possible

  • Managed a staff of 25 engineers and technicians
  • Managed a $2,000,000 marketing budget for awareness and lead generation in the US
  • Increased productivity by 25% by implementing online ordering system

Focus on accomplishments rather than duties

  • Streamlined production reducing errors by 20%
  • Introduced 5 new products on schedule and under budget
  • Converted proprietary ordering system to web based system reducing operating costs and training time.

If you have more than 10 years of professional experience, just include the last 10 years on your resume. 

Sections you can add
Summary of skills: This is a bulleted list that highlights your top skills that specifically relate to the job posting. Avoid statements about soft skills like, “Excellent communication skills” or “Dedicated and hard working.”  Effective statements should include numbers and refer to hard skills that you can prove.

  • 15 years experience managing diverse teams
  • Experience managing multi-million dollar budgets
  • Proven record of meeting and exceeding sales quotas in excess of $500,000

Professional associations: List professional associations and briefly describe any board level positions or committee work

Education: Include professional education, especially certifications.  Move the education section to the end unless you have recently received a new credential.