University at Albany

On–campus Recruiting

The On-campus Recruiting (OCR) Program brings students and employers together on campus to interview for jobs and internships. Students can also send their resume to employers who request them but are not interviewing on campus.

You can participate if you are a matriculated student enrolled in a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree program here at the University. All majors are eligible to participate.

If you wish to participate you must

  1. Register with Handshake
  2. Attend an orientation session
  3. Read and sign the “Release Form” and submit it to Career Services
  4. Upload your resume

We recommend that you have your resume critiqued before sending it to employers.

OCR is only one way to look for a job or an internship.  It should be part of your job search strategy but not your entire strategy. Some career fields are well-represented in OCR; others are not. You can also make an appointment with a counselor to discuss other ways to find jobs and internships.  Or visit our Job Search page

Employers! Go to our employer page to learn about how you can participate in On-campus Recruiting.