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How is the job market?

Both the US and the New York Departments of Labor have a lot of information about future job opportunities for different careers

US Job Market

Overall job market projections are done by the US Dept. of Labor

Their Occupational Outlook handbook has an alphabetized list of careers

Go to the career you are interested in and check the Job Outlook tab.  Note the SOC code to help match data at the statewide level. This is a code that is assigned by the Dept. of Labor for every career.

NYS Job Market

The NYS Department of Labor has information for the entire state as well as 10 regions within the state, including the Capital Region and New York City. They have a variety of statistics including, Employment Prospects, Long-Term and Short-Term Occupational Projections and Long-Term and Short-Term Industry Projections.

Some information is sorted by name of the career and some is by the SOC code.