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Explore careers for my major

Some majors lead to specific careers and other majors provide transferable skills that can be applied to many careers.

Check out the careers for your major but know that many of the careers listed do not require a specific degree.  Also check other categories that interest you.

Art: Majors include Art, Art History, Documentary Studies, Music, Theatre

Culture: Africana Studies, Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies, Globalization Studies, Judaic Studies, Latin American Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Russian & East European Studies, Women's Studies

Languages: French, Italian, Linguistics, Japanese Studies, Russian, Spanish

Liberal Arts: Anthropology, English, Greek & Roman Civilization, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Journalism, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Mediterranean Archeology, Philosophy, Religious Studies

Some of the careers in the following categories will require a specific degree or an advanced degree.  They also include many careers that do not require a specific major.

Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Communication & Rhetoric, Economics,
Financial Market Regulation

Human Services: Criminal Justice, Psychology, Public Health, Social Welfare, Sociology

Politics and Government: Political Science, Public Policy

Urban Planning and Geography: Geography, Urban Studies & Planning

Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)

These majors focus on obtaining specific technical skills that can be applied to your career.  The careers that are listed for these majors usually require a certain major or related experience.

There are many careers that do not require you to major in a specific subject.  Rather than focus on your major, you can focus on interests and skills to choose your major.  Learn more