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In the job search process, interviews are crucial!

An interview provides the best opportunity to present yourself in the best light to the potential employer.  Although the process can be stressful, with proper preparation and practice, it can make the difference in getting that job.

In order to succeed, you need to:

Before you start the interview process, you should make sure you present a complete professional image.

  • Get your resume reviewed
  • Use a professional e-mail address, not one that is cute or possibly offensive.  (Student e-mail or an email address that displays your name are appropriate)
  • Make sure your voice mail messages are brief and professional.
  • Check your online presence by reviewing the material on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to ensure it is appropriate. Learn more
  • Buy a nice, conservative, business suit.
  • Learn about business etiquette.  Making proper business etiquette a part of your everyday life will help you to feel more comfortable during interviews. Learn more

You can schedule a practice interview to refine your interviewing skills. You will need to provide a copy of your resume and information about the job for which you will be "interviewing" when you make an appointment. To get the most out of a practice interview you should treat it like a real interview. Show up early and dress as you would for a real interview.