University at Albany

Interview Checklist

The following are steps you should take now to begin to present yourself to the world as a professional.

  • Get a professional email address. You do not want to use an email address that includes either a cute or provocative nickname. Your professional email should include a variation of your name. You can use your UAlbany student email.
  • Change all of your voice mail messages to be professional. A voice mail message should be something similar to the following:
    "Hello, you have reached Fred Smith. I am unable to take your call right now. Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you."
  • Check your online presence. Google yourself and see what comes up. Are you on Facebook or Google+? Is the content there appropriate? Some employers may look there.
  • Learn the difference between professional email and email to your friends.
  • Buy a nice business suit.
  • Learn about proper dining etiquette.