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Career Resources for our Diverse Student Population

The following are career resources that can be helpful for students who identify with specific diverse groups.

Resources include career advice, and some "Best Company" ratings. There are also job posting sites.

Check our calendar for events that are sponsored by outside organizations for specific diversity groups.

Additional resources can be found at

Professional Associations: There are professional organizations dedicated to different diversity groups, as well as subgroups within associations. Local chapters of these groups are excellent networking resources. WEDDLE's Association Directory provides a list of associations by industries and categories.

Advocacy Groups: Advocacy groups can offer resources for employment as well as information about discrimination and other workplace issues.

Magazines: Business magazines that are targeted to specific groups often have associated websites that include career advice. Many of them also survey companies to determine which are the best work environments for people who identify with a particular group.

General Diversity Sites

  • Diversity Job-Seeker Career and Job Resources
    Brought to you by Dynamic Cover Letters: Quintessential Career and Job Hunting Resources Guide, this site provides many links for various diversity groups.

  • Employ DIVERSITY
    "Since 2003, Employ DIVERSITY has been providing diverse professionals with an onlined venue where they can access employment opportunities and career development information. Our job search services are free to job candidates. There is no charge to register."

    This site offers separate "villages" for each diversity group as well as a global "village" . This site provides job listings and career advice.

    Is an employment site that serves engineering and IT professionals who are women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans, people with disabilities and members of other diversity groups.

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