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Experts Advisory: Women's History Month Experts from the University at Albany

Contact(s):  Catherine Herman (518) 956-8150

ALBANY, N.Y. (March 3, 2008) -- University at Albany faculty experts cover feminist theory, women and the media, gender and crime, women writers and women in politics, mathematics and science for Women's History Month.

* FEMINIST THEORY, Women and the Media, and Feminist Social and Political Thought are among the courses taught by Janell Hobson, assistant professor and graduate director of Women's Studies. Hobson has devoted her research, teaching, and service to multiracial and transnational feminist issues. Her research explores literary, cinematic, and popular representations of women of African descent. She is co-editing the anthology, Are All the Women Still White? Globalizing Women's Studies.

* EQUITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE in mathematics and science are among the areas of expertise for Assistant Professor Abbe Herzig. She conducts research on the recruitment and retention of women and students of color in mathematics fields. She has also developed courses and programs to help diverse populations of students discover the relevance of mathematics and science to their lives.

* GENDER, RACE, AND CRIME are the focus of Associate Professor Frankie Y. Bailey's academic pursuits. Bailey also focuses on the role of race in American popular culture and social history. She is the co-editor of Famous American Crimes and Trials (2004), and the co-author of Blood on Her Hands: The Social Construction of Women, Sexuality and Murder (2004).

* WOMEN WRITERS are important and influential contributors to culture, beginning with Anne Bradstreet, who is often considered America's first poet. Assistant Professor Hilde Hoogenboom is co-editor of two collections of essays on Russian women writers and author of numerous articles on women, including a historical, comparative survey of bio-bibliographic compilations of women's literature as a genre, George Sand in Russia, and populist revolutionary autobiography. Her research interests include nineteenth-century women writers.

* ROLE OF WOMEN IN POLITICS is an emergent topic given the current political landscape, which includes a presidential run by Sen. Hillary Clinton and high-profile female political figures like Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Associate Professor Helen R. Desfosses offers insight into gender in American politics and women's leadership roles.

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