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Experts Advisory: Experts on the Indictment of Barry Bonds at the University at Albany

Contact(s):  Catherine Herman (518) 956-8150

ALBANY, N.Y. (November 26, 2007) -- Barry Bonds' indictment, public perceptions, media coverage and steroids covered by University at Albany faculty experts.

Should baseball rewrite its record book? Does Bonds belong in the Hall of Fame? UAlbany's Rob Edelman discusses public and media perceptions of Bonds, as well as how Bonds will be viewed historically by baseball. Edelman's books include Great Baseball Films (Citadel Press, 1994) and Baseball on the Web (MIS: Press, 1998), which cited as one of year's the top-ten Internet-related books. He is also one of the interviewees included on the newly re-released DVD of "The Natural." Rob teaches film history at UAlbany and offers film commentary on WAMC (Northeast) Public Radio.

How does Bonds' indictment compare to the legal troubles of other sports figures? History Department Chairman Richard F. Hamm offers expertise on crime and trials, the temperance movement and civil liberties. His work focuses on how ideas, individuals, and structures have combined to shape law and how law has determined the courses of government officials, reformers, and ordinary people. His publications include Murder, Honor, and Law: Four Virginia Homicides between Reconstruction and the Great Depression (University of Virginia Press for the American South Series, 2003) and Shaping the Eighteenth Amendment: Temperance Reform, Legal Culture and the Polity, 1880-1920 (North Carolina Press for the Studies in Legal History Series, 1995).

Baseball's steroids problem is bigger than any one player -- even the game's current all-time home run leader. Psychology professor Bruce Svare offers insight into steroid abuse among athletes (Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school, youth); the increase of performance enhancing drugs; and the early specialization and professionalization of young athletes. Svare has lectured nationally and internationally on the topic of anabolic steroid abuse. He has specialized for more than 30 years in the study of anabolic steroids, has authored over 70 scientific papers in leading professional journals and has written numerous books and book chapters in the field of behavioral neuroscience. He also served on the National Institute on Drug Abuse Technical Review Panel on Steroid Abuse.

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