Milne Alumni June Newsletter
June 15, 2005
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

As you might have noticed, since last month's newsletter the word "Association" is no longer in our name. This was done in May because we may want access to the University Alumni Association's Milne database, and there is conflict in their bylaws regarding another "association" access. Last month I spoke with Melissa Samuels at the University about this, and we came to the agreement of the replacement name "Friends of Milne." However, since then, the new name did not feel quite right, and "Milne Alumi" will be used instead. I hope you find this okay and that this name will keep us in good relations with the University. I believe Milne Alumni will better frame our present and future intentions.

These Milne Alumni intentions are: To put together a Milne Directory to connect the unconnected Milne Alumni, to provide information for class reunions and All-Milne reunions, to keep people informed about Milne news, and to coordinate interesting projects that could contribute to the whole: faculty, sports, Crimson & White, Bricks & Ivy, music, art, clubs – whatever might connect with Milne Alumni as our efforts progress.

I have been working on the Milne Directory project and I have copied what has been accomplished so far, below. (Instead click on Class Year, the most updated listing.) I have been working on adding and correcting all the class years and people listed, so it is only a draft at this point. I would welcome your response to this Milne Directory and your contribution of missing or corrected information. I have backup files with more detailed information on some class years, from reunion class contacts, and I am also using the listings where no contact is known. It will be a work in process for some time, but I believe it will be a helpful Directory when it is completed. Thank you again to all that have helped me so far.

If you wish, you can forward this newsletter to other Milne alumni. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or news to pass along. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Welch, '71

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