ITM 480/602 Enterprise Application Development



Please see Blackboard for access to all of the readings. Readings from the reference book, articles, or from chapters of other books will be posted prior to the week you will need to have read them. According to fair use guidelines, we can use only one chapter for any book during the length of the course.

Assignments & Projects

In-class assignments will normally be provided during the class on paper. However, homework and project assignments may be provided online through Blackboard. It may be necessary to use the Blackboard submission system to submit assignments and projects.


Students participating in the ITM 480/602 class are permitted to use the following facilities within the business school, which are specifically configured and should have the necessary tools for the class:

A four-digit code followed by a * is used to enter these two rooms and the computers have a set username and password. If you do not have the code and/or passwords, please email the ITM secretary, Lauri Mosall at with a CC to the instructor.