ITM 416/604: Communications Networking & Security


Class Notes

Networking PowerPoint: Download 1-network.ppt

Peer-to-Peer PowerPoint: Download 2-p2p.ppt

Security Introduction PowerPoint: Download 3-introduction.ppt

Threats 1 PowerPoint: Download Threats1.pdf

Threats 2 PowerPoint: Download Threats2.pdf

Steganography PowerPoint: Download steganography.pdf

Password Security PowerPoint: Download password.ppt

Wireless Security PowerPoint: Download 6-wireless.ppt

Cryptography PowerPoint: Download 7-cryptography.ppt

Risk Analysis PowerPoint: Download assessment.ppt | Download qualitative.ppt | Download quantitative.ppt


The material for the first third of the class (including a customized syllabus for Professor Duchessi's part) will be available via WebCT. Materials for the next part of the class will be available on this website:


Students participating in the ITM 416/604 class are permitted to use the following facilities within the business school, which are specifically configured and should have the necessary tools for the class:

A four-digit code followed by a * is used to enter these two rooms and the computers have a set username and password. If you do not have the code and/or passwords, please email the ITM secretary, Carolyn VanVranken at with a CC to the instructor.